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# '''A reif.'''
#* A human form and animal form are, obviously, required, unless the Suki is to be a very rare non-cursed member. While the animal and human don't have to have realistic features, or have to look alike, there should preferably be a few similarities. Most Sukis have a hair color that matches their fur or feather. Some reptilian Sukis share this trait as well.
# '''When the Suki transforms.'''
#* 39 out of 40 Sukis will transform. That's just how it is. Because of the curse, which states "all those of [Suki] blood will turn into an animal by the will of the moon", every Suki who does transform, must do so in some relation to the moon. That is, by day, by night, or during the full or new moon. Each time frame has its own cost. See more information on that below
# '''A stable degree of connection to their reif.'''
#* Whether the Suki has a nearly completely human mind (like Hirei) or nearly completely animal mind (like Sarco), it needs to stay relatively consistent. Certain things like anger or fear (generally, an adrenaline rush) can cause a brief spike in the Suki's animalistic behavior, but a primarily human-minded Suki will never suddenly act exactly like their animal. Any noticeable changes happen slowly and over long periods of time, such as during early puberty.

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