[[{{{class}}}| {{{class}}} ]]
Level --
Movement --
Recruitment: Undefined
No equipped weapon
No equipped item
Weapon Levels
-- -- --
-- -- --

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skl Sp Lck Def Res
[[{{{classadv}}}| {{{classadv}}} ]] -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


This template is for use on pages for playable characters from Fire Emblem Warriors

Most fields are self-explanatory. HP1, str1, mag1 etc. are the fields for the character's promotion gains. (Stat)99 are for the character's stats at level 99. The sw, la, ax, bo, to and st fields indicate weapon levels, so enter only in fields that correspond to the character's weapon options. Note that, unlike other games' CharStats templates, "st" here does not represent staves (which do not have weapon level in Warriors), but instead represents stones.

{{CharStats FEW
|character=The name of the character; this is used to automatically generate a portrait.
|class=In cases where the class's name is disambiguated (i.e. "Priestess (Fates)") or otherwise differs from shown, put the title of the article here, then invoke a "classname" field to enter the name of the class to be displayed visibly.
|classadv=Invoke this to display the character's advanced class option.  Workings are similar to "class" above; invoke "classadvname" here as you would "classname" for "class".
|classalt=If a character has an alternate class tree, use "class" for the primary and this field for the secondary.  "classaltname" serves as this field's equivalent to "classname".
|classaltadv=Advanced class option for use in conjunction with "classalt"; "classaltadvname" works as the "classname" equivalent for this field.
|recruit= Chapter x, method of recruitment
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