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Level --
Movement --
Max HP -- Speed --
Strength -- Luck --
Magic -- Defense --
Skill -- Resistance --
Inventory Skills
-- --
Weapon Levels
3DSRankSword -- 3DSRankLance -- 3DSRankAxe --
3DSRankBow -- 3DSRankTome -- 3DSRankStaff --


Most fields are self-explanatory. The sw, la, ax, bo, to and st fields indicate weapon levels, so enter only in fields that correspond to the character's weapon options. As in the game itself, only one field that corresponds to a non-human weapon type (ds, bs, br, fi, ro, sa) will be displayed at a time (dragonstones by default, in line with in-game); all non-human classes only wield one non-human weapon type at a time, hence there is no need to display more than one such weapon type at once.

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