Telma is a Hylian bar owner from Hyrule Castle Town featured in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She is also a member of The Resistance, an organization created to oppose the occupation of Hyrule by Zant's army. She is also the owner of a pet cat called Louise.


Shortly after the beginning of the game, Ilia is captured by King Bulblin and detained in the Hidden Village before being rescued by Impaz. She is then left in the care of Telma who takes her in after her memory loss. Ilia then herself save Prince Ralis and keep him at Telma's Bar as he appears very ill.

The first time Link and Midna encounters Telma, it is in the Twilight Realm where she is unable to see the duo as all the people in the Lanayru province are still stuck in spirit form due to the Twilight's influence. Link first meet her in person after dispelling the Twilight from Lanayru and reverting to his Hylian form. Telma has tried to ask Dr. Borville to treat Ralis but the doctor is unable to treat non Hylian in his own words. Link enters her bar as the doctor is leaving. Ilia fails to recognize Link due to her memory loss but Telma realize that Link seems to know her and explain her situation to him. She then ask him to help them escort Ralis to Kakariko Village where she knows a shaman who can heal both Zoras and Gorons.

Link successfully escort Telma's wagon to Kakariko and defeats King Bulbin in their second fight on the way there. Just after leaving Ralis in Renado's care, Telma tells Link of The Resistance and how they could use someone like Link to fight off the Twilight Invasion and ask him to come see her later if he wants to help just before leaving with Renado, which she implies to have a crush on. After being cursed by Zant himself, Link pass through Telma's bar in wolf form with Louise's help to access a secret passage hidden in the building that would lead the hero the Hyrule Castle and Princess Zelda. After retrieving the Master Sword, Link returns to her Bar to meet the rest of the resistance. From there Link will recieve help from the other four members of the organization to find the shards of the Mirror of Twilight. She later gives Link an Invoice to force Dr. Borville to help Link in his quest to help Ilia recover her lost memory.

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