The SHARP 19SV111 with controllers

The Television With Built-In NES (or Game Television) is the name given to two officially-licensed 19" televisions created by SHARP in 1989 - 1990 with a built-in Nintendo Entertainment System known as the SHARP 19SV111 and SHARP 19SC111. Its Japanese counterpart was the Sharp Nintendo Television.


The SHARP 19SV111 it the first television with built-in NES, released in September 1989. These models were sold at Sears and Kmart.

It is an official Nintendo television that also includes all the capabilities of the original system itself, including the 'Power' and 'Reset' buttons, two controller jacks and a Game Pak port. Production was discontinued in January, 1990 (most likely due to unfavorable sales).



The SHARP 19SC111

The SHARP 19SC111 was the second Television With Built-In NES (released in January, 1990). This system was released after the SHARP 19SV111. This is the same system as the SHARP 19SV111, with the only exception of the sleeker design. This system is also rare because of its poor sales due to high price. This system was used as a display model in stores, like Sears, and motels and is extremely rare because it was not for sale to the public. An estimated 200 units were made, but it is unknown how many still exist because many were discarded once the Nintendo Entertainment System became obsolete.



The SHARP 19SV111 remote control

Both televisions also came with accessories.

First of which was a fairly normal remote control.

Model # RRMCG0684CESA It is very rare.

It had the ability to turn the Nintendo Entertainment System on or off.

Two individually boxed black controllers. Model # RRMCG0683CESA

These black controllers were only released with the televisions, and are mechanically identical to the normal, widely-available NES Controllers (NES-004). It also came with a Service Manual. # S99N919SV111 It is very detailed and includes the entire parts list, Safety Precautions, Electrical Specks, And complete service instructions. A few have surfaced as of 2011.


Both systems are also very rare (more so for the SHARP 19SC111) and command a steep price. In addition, no original boxes for either have surfaced. There are a few black controllers in their original boxes. The remote control is very hard to find. Because so few televisions exist, conditions are generally poor, with many sustaining cosmetic damages and having broken legs. Another original feature of the SHARP 19SV111 is an Official Nintendo Seal sticker, which only a few televisions still have. Average sales as of 2011 are US $550 shipped.

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