Teelan is a young High Entia of impure blood in Xenoblade Chronicles. He can be found on Melfica Road in Alcamoth from 06:00 - 15:00. After the events at the Mechonis Core, Teelan is located at the Ether Plant in Eryth Sea from 06:00 - 18:00.

Teelan takes on a more important role during the events of Future Connected added in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. In Future Connected, he is one of the main supporting characters and live under Tyrea's care on what remains of the Bionis' Shoulder. Teelan is born from a pure blooded High Entia mother and a Homs father.


Main Game

Teelan was born 42 years before the events of the main game to a pure blooded High Entia mother and a Homs father. Teelan is a curious young boy who aspire to become a soldier and has some interest in scientific matters. After the events of Mechonis Core, Teelan's mother, like all pure blooded High Entia, is amongst those turned into Telethia by Zanza. Teelan like all the High Entia of impure blood had to escape Alcamoth while the newly born Telethia were trying to kill them.

Teelan was fleeing the capital alongside Miriall but they lost eachothers on the way and Teelan got stuck in a room inside Alcamoth. The party eventually rescue him from the Telethia infested capital and he is returned to the Eryth Sea alongside Miriall. He then learn about the secret Telethia lab in the High Entia Tomb that was operated by Lorithia and the Bionite Order before the return of Zanza. The party agrees to help him recover research notes from here for Teelan to work with. Teelan then swears to use those notes to find a way to return the Telethia back to their original forms.

Future Connected

One year after the recreation of the world, Teelan ended up on Bionis' Shoulder where he continues his research to save the remaining Telethia. For this purpose he often visits the now abandoned Alcamoth. During one such visit, he is assaulted by the Fog King, who just appeared in the capital from another universe. He is rescued by Tyrea who decides to watch over him and become some sort of big-sister figure for him.

When he is met during the story is when the party heads to Alcamoth to check on the nature of the Fog King described by the Bionis' Shoulder inhabitants. Teelan was sneaking up in Alcamoth when he was spoted and attacked by a Fogbeast. He is rescued by them but they are forced to flee from the capital when the Fog King himself manifest itself and appears to be as invincible as the inhabitants said. The group is invited to the lab by the young High Entia and there they meet up with Tyrea and catch up to what happened since the last time they met.

The lab is later attacked by Gael'gar who out of a fanatic hatred for pure blooded High Entia sets fire to the lab in order to make sure that there is no chance for their return. After being defeated, he tries to kill Teelan to make sure that his knowledge is gone but the boy is saved by a Telethia, who he recognizes as his mother. The Telethia who remains have seemingly regained some sort of independant thought since Zanza's death. Melia manages to salvage the notes the party gave to Teelan by jumping into the fire with water elementals. This allows Teelan to start his researchs from the beginning despite his work being destroyed.

After the incident, Teelan and Tyrea moves to Gran Dell to be safe from the now expanding threat of the Fog King's control over the wild beasts. After the Fog King is finally defeated, Teelan is seen attending Melia's coronation.

As a NPC

Budding scientist.

Affinity Links


For items without a page, check the Collectopaedia page. Those with numbers are Gems.


Item Affinity level Value
Dolphin Carrot 1☆ N/A
Arts Seal Resist III 1☆ N/A
Swep Leggings (0 slots) 2☆ N/A
Tasty Sausage 4☆ N/A
Old Remote Device 4☆ N/A
Illunis Defender (0 slots) 4☆ N/A
Arts Seal Resist IV 5☆ N/A
Rotten Meat Overtrade 720 G

Alcamoth (during The Missing Boy only)

Item Affinity level Value
Juicy Laia Fish 1☆ N/A
Endymion (Unique) 1☆ N/A
Damage Heal IV 4☆ N/A
Damage Heal V 5☆ N/A
Squall Element Overtrade 2,610 G

Eryth Sea

Item Affinity level Value
Electric Plus IV 1☆ N/A
Lexos Beard 1☆ N/A
Brandle Gauntlets (0 slots) 3☆ N/A
Oil Branch 4☆ N/A
Hode Ponytail 4☆ N/A
High Violet 5☆ N/A
Aqueous Andos Oil Overtrade 2,160 G

Given Quests

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