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Teddy is a character in the Famicom video game Mother. He is a strong character who uses weapons including swords, though to balance this out he is not capable of performing PSI abilities. After his two parents were killed, Teddy grew up by himself, and would later become a leader of the group known as the Bla Bla Gang. He left this group, however, once he met the game's protagonist Ninten. After climbing Mt. Itoi, the site of Teddy's parents' death, you will find a huge robotic enemy called R7038, which will give Teddy serious injuries. After you defeat Giegue, it is revealed that he recovered from these wounds and went on to perform daily at the Ellay Live House.


  • The gang that Teddy runs was censored from the Black-Blood Gang to the Bla-Bla Gang in the official English Translation.
  • His battle sprite was censored too. In the original Famicom release, Teddy's battle sprite depicted him holding a knife. This was removed in localization to follow NOA's content policies.
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