Star Fox! Fire at will!
Fox McCloud tells his team to fire on the foe.

Team Star Fox is a Final Smash introduced in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi replacing their old one, the Landmaster. When activating this attack, they summons the team of mercenaries-for-hire in their Arwings. Wolf O'Donnell has his own version called Team Star Wolf, which operates the same except Star Wolf is summoned instead of Star Fox.

Fox Final Smash SSBU
Falco Final Smash SSBU


The attack hits a wide area in front of Fox's location within a reticle. In space, Fox will tell his team to "fire at will", and his team will open fire on their target. The move deals about 52 damage with notable knockback. The Falco version is mostly the same, but the Arwings move in an erractic pattern, and Falco has his line change to "Time for a little payback!", a callback to the Star Fox ace's line when the character has an enemy in his sights in Star Fox 64.

This is a directional/trapping final smash. The move's directional properties are the fact that it can only hit in one direction and it has a certain range. The trapping part comes from the small range, high damage, and knockback.


  • When the Final Smash was revealed, Masahiro Sakurai states that the Landmaster has been retired. Therefore, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the only game where the Landmaster is not used in a Final Smash.
  • If he catches Wolf O'Donnell, there is a chance that Fox would say, "This is the end for you, Wolf!" Wolf O'Donnell reacts similarly if Fox and/or Falco gets caught in Team Star Wolf, saying "I've got you now, Star Fox!"
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