Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (JP) is an expanded free-to-start version of the mode from Kirby: Planet Robobot, playable on the 3DS system. This Kirby spin-off focuses on a team of Kirbys fighting a series of bosses in a quest format. The game has Gem Apples as its currency for most tasks.


The game has the players work together to defeat bosses. The combat is based around managing the team's specialties to deal damage. The players chooses 4 different Kirby classes based on certain copy abilities though with some effects of different abilities:

The heroes can be leveled up even more than the original with a level cap of 50 with each quest completed reward EXP. The player's gear also boosts stats and can be made from materials obtained after defeating bosses along with Gem Apples.

Quests are limited by the vigor remaining, though this can be refreshed with Gem Apples. Gem Apples can also be spent on early unlocks and at the Shoppe. However, the free Gem Apples are only obtainable either from the tree, which only refreshes every 12 hours, and from accomplishing special goals in quests. The tree grows with more Gem Apples bought.




The game supports compatibility with all amiibo, but Kirby amiibo are more effective. Scanning one in will give the player an amount of Gem Apples, but Kirby amiibo will give more.