Tata and the Frog is the 11th chapter in Chrono Trigger. This is where Crono and his party acquire both the blade and the hilt of the broken Masamune sword.


As Crono and his party enter the Denadoro Mountains, they see the young boy Tata come running out being chased by a Goblin. The party ventures deeper into the mountains and eventually find the chamber that houses the Masamune sword. But in order to get the sword, they must defeat the magical creatures Masa and Mune.

After the battle, Masa and Mune agree that Crono and his friends just might be powerful enough to wield the sword. So they hand it over to them, but it's only the blade of the sword. The hilt is missing.

Masa and Mune magically transport the party to the base of the mountain and they head back south to Tata's house in Porre. It's there that they find the frightened Tata who hands over the Hero's Medal. He says a frog dropped it in a cafe.

Crono and his party then head into the Cursed Woods and find Frog's hideout. Frog, ashamed of himself for not being able to protect Queen Leene, gives Crono the hilt to the Masamune. They notice that Melchior's name is engraved on it. Wondering why, they journey back up north and use the Time Gate in Truce Canyon to travel to The End of Time.

From there, they use the pillar of light that takes them to Medina in 1000 A.D. so they can pay a visit to Melchior. Melchior tells them that it can only be repaired using a rare mineral that doesn't exist anymore.

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