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Assisting customers are really important in the game. Each one has a taste in mind. TASTES are styles. Each clothing is in a taste, and each clothing is in a store that matches the taste. For example, ZHADE is high end, or LUXURY.

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There are lots of tastes for boys and girls. These are the tastes for girls: feminine,(Marzipan Sky) punk,(Stage Dive) retro,(Pop Quiz) Asian-inspired,(Kanokoi) earthy,boho-chic,(Soy Milk) princess,(Marble Lily) gothic princess,(Raven Candle) luxury,(ZHADE) flirty,(Le Spark) bold,(A-Z USA) Pop,(Mint Sprinkles) basic,(Über Cloth) preppy,(Harlow Heights) and lastly, sporty.(Zip Line. Customers will ask for an outfit, item, etc. in a taste. For example:"I'm going to an epic party and I need a new dress. I can't really figure what taste.. Luxury or bold??!! OK alright, I pick LUXURY. Find me a LUXURY DRESS please!" So, you find them a luxury dress. HOW? Go to the menu, select 'taste' and scroll down to where it says,'Luxury' Then select OK and select a dress!

There are also tastes for boys too. These are the tastes: contemporary,(Areonef) luxury,(Castellano) bold, and more.(STUB)Customers will ask for an outfit, etc. For example:"I'm going to a concert with my buddies soon! So, I need a new outfit. It's going to be epic, so make me an epic BOLD outfit for the event." So, you know what to do.

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