Tapu Fini(JP) is a Pokémon species of the series of the same name. It is a Water / Fairy Pokémon introduced in the seventh generation in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It is one of the Land Spirits and the guardian deity of Poni Island.

Physiology & Behavior


Main Pokémon games

Pokémon Spinoffs

In the anime


In-game Information

Pokédex Entries

Title Entry
Pokémon Sun The dense fog it creates brings the downfall and destruction of its confused enemies. Ocean currents are the source of its energy.
Pokémon Moon The guardian deity of Poni, it can control water. People say it can create pure water that will wash away any uncleanness.

Game Locations

Title Location(s)
Seventh Pokémon generation
Pokémon Sun
Ruins of Hope (after becoming Champion)
Pokémon Moon
Ruins of Hope (after becoming Champion)


Base Stats
HP 70
Attack 75
Defense 115
Sp. Attack 95
Sp. Defense 130
Speed 85
Total 570


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