The Tape is a boss appearing in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Also called The Shifty Sticker, he guards the purple streamer and serves the Legion of Stationery. As his name implies, Tape manifests as a sentient tape roller that rides a purple dispenser. His speech patterns use New York thug-based dialogue (replacing "ur" with "oi", saying "Forget about it!" as "Fugghedaboutit!", etc.)


The Tape has several attacks. His first attack has him jump high, then slam his Paper Mario. His second move involves him using his tape to slam Paper Mario on the ground to deal 8 damage to him. He can also crush Paper Mario beneath his dispenser.

To stop this boss, Paper Mario has to unleash his hammer attacks on all four sides of the dispenser (His jumps may not work as the Tape will block the attack with his tape pompadour.). Doing so destroys the dispenser, leading to the second phase of the battle. Here, Tape becomes desparate and starts sticking the panels together as he rolls around the arena, meaning if Paper Mario tries to move a ring or row, he might move an adjacent one that is connected by tape. Paper Mario can destroy the strips via fire (The best method is to use the Fire Vellumental, as when Paper Mario uses the Vellumental, Tape gets hurt.). Tape has only one attack in this phase: smashing Paper Mario beneath his bulk, though this can be done in multiple variations: a drill stomp and a spinning charge. Paper Mario can use the 1,000-Fold Arms trick in this phase to unravel the Tape, which is one way of defeating him. Tape has around 400 HP total, including the dispenser.

Upon defeat, the Tape rolls on the floor, claiming he turned over a new leaf. However, he decides that the heroes will most likely deny this and decides to forget about it, exploding.


  • The Tape is very similar in his speech patterns to the Hammerhead from the Spider-Man series.
  • The Tape is a huge hate sink for Olivia, as she calls him a "no-good, cheating gangster".
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