Tanked Up Trouble is the first level of the sixth world, Chimp Caverns which appears in Donkey Kong Country.


This level is similar to Trick Track Trek in the way that Donkey and Diddy have to ride on a moving platform, but now the platform runs on fuel that drains quickly. The monkeys have to constantly collect fuel containers to keep it going. If it runs out, then the whole thing collapses and the monkeys result in losing a life. This level has more enemies in this level than in Trick Track Trek, primarily being Zingers and Mini-Neckies (other enemies including Neckies). Since Zingers cannot be defeated, Donkey and Diddy have to jump over, or in-between them. There are also a couple parts of the level where the platform gets very close to running out of fuel with a lack of Fuel Barrels or tank trouble

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