Talon is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series, first appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He runs Lon Lon Ranch before Link, the game's protagonist, travels seven years into the future. Ingo, his one and only employee, is greatly jealous of Talon running the place when he feels that he'd be better capable of doing so. After the seven years, Talon is found in Kakariko Village, and thus is no longer in control of the ranch when the evil king Ganondorf took over and promoted Ingo to the ruler.

In the end of the game when Ganondorf is defeated and the world returns to normal, it is unknown if Talon gets his ranch back, though he and Ingo seem to be under good terms as the two are celebrating together, locked in arms, during the ending credits.

Back in the past, Link will first find Talon outside of Hyrule Castle sleeping. Malon will give Link an egg which will eventually hatch into a chicken. Link can then use this chicken to wake up Talon, who frantically rushes back to Malon whom he forgot about. Later on, as thanks, Malon will teach Link Epona's Song, and after the seven years Link will be entrusted with the horse.

Also present before Link travels to the future is a mini game in Talon's house in which Link will have to find three of Talon's special Cuccos in a batch of about 10 or so. Before it starts, the player can chuck the Cuccos behind the table so that when Talon does toss them out, he'll easily be able to find the three special ones. Finding them all will reward the player with a bottle of Lon Lon Milk. The player can return back to Talon after drinking it and have it refilled.

In The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons for the Game Boy Color, Talon and his daughter can be found on a Cucco farm. They don't serve nearly as big a role as before.

Connections to Mario

Oddly there are many similarities to Mario, Nintendo's flagship character, that are found on Talon's facial features. Talon has a mustache, a large nose, and similar clothes. Even his pendant he wares features the face of Bowser, and while not necessarily something Mario would wear, it just further proves the connections to the series. In Oracle of Seasons, Talon's hat even sports an M on it. It should also be noted that Ingo is considered a reference to Mario's brother Luigi.