Speaking Walls5

The talking walls are large walls in the Trials Tower in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers. They are one of the trials that the main character, Del Cottonwood, has to get past. There are five of them and each one quizzes Del about the storyline of the game. If answered incorrect, Del is transported back to the entrance of the tower. If answered correctly, however, the wall that asked will move down into the floor.

Question Answers

  • Who has forever been known as the Good Master? Lakmir.
  • Does the Royal Family's Dragon scream? No.
  • What type of magic is expressly forbidden? Death Magic.
  • Name the number of ways into the Royal Family's Tower? Two.
  • Which ring is used as a punishment for those who disobey the rules? Green Ring.
  • What is the prohibition against black magic? It taints the soul.
  • What was the name of the First Dragon? Bolhalor.


  • The further Del gets, the more frightened the next wall looks.
  • The walls' trial can become easier by saving after every question. That way, if you get one wrong, when they teleport you back to the Trials Tower entrance, you can slip on the green ring, die, and reopen the save file at the door you left off at. This avoids having to travel through the tower all over again.