Ups, I just wanted to make a minor edit here, namely change the Sentence in Gameplay. "Bowser ... restores everything he walks over" to "destroys everything he walks over".

But after clicking the edit button (and me trying to fill the Publish Details, because I wanted to note what I wanted to change), the wikia went back and said ' congrats made your first edit', leaving the gameplay section in the jumbled mess you can see below.

As I am still learning parameterized templates I wont try to fix these things by myself, and I'm sorry I messed it up like that. Could some ADMIN please restore the page to its former glory, and maybe change the 'restore' to 'destroy' while he is at it? Thanks

Sternenfisch (talk) 12:17, October 10, 2013 (UTC)

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Rocketslime 1 1 Avatar I have fixed the problem and added the change to the page.

If you ever have this problem again you can always go to the article's history page and find the old revisions of the article, and you can edit them on top of the current version.

~Rocketslime_1_1 (Talk | Wall | Contribs) 20:08,10/10/2013

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