Tales of Phantasia(JP) is a Super Famicom game that started the Tales of series. It was very innovative at the time, because it featured a real-time battle system. This game was also remade for the Game Boy Advance.


  • Cress Alvein: The lead character of the game. A young boy, who, while out hunting, gets thrown into a remarkable turn of events. He is fairly shy, and adept with a sword. He has spiky blond hair, wears a red bandanna, and a grey suit of armor.
  • Chester Berkright: Chester is Cress' best friend. He eagerly joins Cress to go off hunting at the beginning of the game. Later, he'll rejoin with Cress. He has blue hair, carries a bow with him, and has a green shirt.
  • Mint Adnade: A young woman Cress rescues from a dungeon cell. She'll come in handy, as she'll eventually develop into a powerful healer. She has dirty blond hair, wears a white hat and a large white robe, and carries a rod.
  • Arche Klaine: A half-elf with the power of fierce black magic. She has short pink hair, wears a white shirt and has big pink parachute pants. She rides around on a broom.
  • Klarth M. Lester: A wise man who knows much about the history of Dhaos, and has the power to summon powerful monsters to do his bidding. He covers his hair with a pointy blue hat, and carries around a book with him to attack.



  • D-Pad - Move Cless to the left or right
  • A - Target and attack nearest enemy
  • Up + A - Attack nearest enemy with a lunge
  • B - Used to attack with the technique in your first slot
  • Up + B - Used to attack with the technique in your second slot
  • X - Open up menu
  • Y - Keep pressing Y to change targets
  • L, R - Used to run away


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