Takuhiro Dohta is a Nintendo graphic programmer. He joined the company in the EAD Department in 2003 and has mostly been involved on a supportive role, although he was also a programmer in projects like Wii Sports Resort and some Zelda titles.


Dohta joined Nintendo in April 2003, where he was initially put in charge on some Nintendo DS tech demos showcased at E3 2004. He programmed a DS demo that allowed users to "draw and play" with the touch screen; that technology was later implemented in the title screen of Super Mario 64 DS.

His first major job at Nintendo was on Wii Sports. As the project was nearing its end, the team decided it needed another sport and Dohta was put in charge of it. They had to do Boxing in a rather short deadline but in spite of the time restraints, they finished it. Afterwards Dohta worked on some experimental games and provided program support to a couple games before working on Wii Sports Resort. He was also the graphics programming director on Nintendo Land.

When deciding art styles for the new Legend of Zelda title on the Wii U, Satoru Takizawa and him experimented with models from the earlier Zelda games and making them HD. They found Toon Link to particularly striking and showed it to Eiji Aonuma. Dohta said they could make the game in time for Fall 2013 and the project got greenlit. For Wind Waker HD, Dohta programmed a tool that took the data from the Gamecube game to the Wii U without touching the model data all that much. Some still required a lot of work in the Wii U version. After his work on the game, he was appointed as the technical director of Breath of the Wild.

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