Takehiro Izushi was a longtime Nintendo engineer who started to work for the company in 1975. Eventually he became the general manager of Nintendo R&D1, following the vacancy left by Gunpei Yokoi. In 2018, he retired completely from Nintendo.


Takehiro Izushi started his career at Nintendo in 1975 as an engineer. His first product was Beam Gun Custom, released in 1975. He then, worked on the Color TV Game series, where he first got involved in game development and was a part of Nintendo Research and Development 1, under Gunpei Yokoi. He was also mostly involved in the engineering and programming of various Game & Watch units along with Masao Yamamoto.

Following Yokoi's departure from the company, Izushi was promoted to R&D1's general manager in 1997. He stayed in that position until Iwata's reestrutcure of Nintendo took place in 2005, when Hitoshi Yamagami took his position.

After Satoru Iwata shuffled the development teams around, Izushi stepped away from game development in favor of a position in the General Affairs Division. In early 2018, he retired from Nintendo.


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