Take-Two Interactive is an game publisher, developer and distributor.


Popular franchises include subsidiary Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto series, Manhunt, State of Emergency, Midnight Club and Bully series.



  • Rockstar Games, Ltd. in New York City, founded in 1998
    • Rockstar North in Edinburgh, Scotland, founded in 1988 as DMA Design, acquired from Infogrames in September 1999, world famous for the Grand Theft Auto series
    • Rockstar Leeds in West Yorkshire, England, founded as Mobius Entertainment in 1997
    • Rockstar Japan in Tokyo, Japan, started 2005
    • Rockstar London, started in 2005
    • Rockstar Vancouver, founded in May 1998 as Barking Dog Studios, acquired August 2002
    • Rockstar San Diego, founded in 1984 as Angel Studios, acquired November 2002
    • Rockstar Toronto in Ontario, Canada, started as Rockstar Canada in 1999
    • Rockstar Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England, founded in 1997 as Tarantula Studios
    • Rockstar New England in Andover, Massachusetts, founded in 1999 as Mad Doc Software
  • Take-Two Licensing, founded on September 11, 2000, as TDK Mediactive, acquired in December 2003
  • 2K Games in Novato, California, founded in 2005
    • Firaxis Games in Hunt Valley, Maryland, founded in 1996, acquired in 2005
    • Irrational Games in Quincy, Massachusetts, acquired on January 9, 2006
    • 2K China, established in 2006
    • 2K Czech in Brno, Czech Republic, founded in 1997 as Illusion Softworks, acquired in 2007
    • 2K Marin in Novato, California and Canberra, Australia, started in 2007
    • 2K Play in Ontario, Canada, founded as Global Star Software in 1992, acquired in 1999, name changed September 10, 2007
    • 2K Sports in California, founded as Visual Concepts, acquired from Sega in January 2005


  • 2K Australia in Canberra, Australia, folded into 2K Marin
  • Frog City Software in San Francisco, California, founded in 1995, acquired by Gathering of Developers in 2004, consolidated into Firaxis Games in 2006
  • Gathering of Developers in Texas, founded January 1998, acquired May 2000, closed September 2004; brands merged into Rockstar and 2K
  • Gotham Games, started in 2002, eventually closed
  • Indie Built, Inc. in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded as Access Software in 1983, acquired from Microsoft in 2004; closed April 28, 2006
  • Kush Games in Camarillo, California closed in 2008
  • PopTop Software in St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 1993, merged into Firaxis Games in 2006
  • TalonSoft in Baltimore, Maryland, founded in 1995, acquired in 2000, closed in 2005; most brands sold to Matrix Games
  • Rockstar Vienna, founded January 4, 1993, as neo Software, closed May 11, 2006
  • Venom Games, Ltd. in Newcastle upon Tyne, founded in 2003, acquired in September 2004; closed in July 2008
  • PAM Development in Paris, France, founded in 1997, acquired in 2006; closed in 2008


  • Jack of All Games in West Chester Township, Butler County, Ohio, founded in 1990 as Hyde Park Distributors, and acquired in 1998, sold December 21, 2009, to SYNNEX Corporation