Takayuki Shimamura
Takayuki Shimamura-0
Company Capcom (2002-2005)
Nintendo (since 2005)
Current Position Co Producer
First game Resident Evil (GC)
Latest game Miitopia

Takayuki Shimamura is a video game designer who has mostly worked on the Wii Sports series along Yoshikazu Yamashita.


Initially he started in Capcom assisting on the GameCube port of Resident Evil, but later he joined Nintendo EAD to help develop Nintendogs, as well as the unrelased Stage Debut.

He directed the golf and bowling games on Wii Sports. Aftwerwards, he was transferred for four months to SPD to work on Flash Focus, but he returned to EAD with Wii Sports Resort. He also directed Nintendo Land (where he also worked on the Metroid Blast game) and Wii Sports Club. He became a co-producer of EPD with Miitopia.

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