Tabaluga: The Video Game is a video game based on the TV series Tabaluga exclusively for Game Boy Color. It is released exclusively for Germany.


The gameplay has its features same plot from the TV show where Tabaluga has to stop Arktos from invading Greenland. Tabaluga is able to breathe fire at his enemies (Arktos's minions). Tabaluga has a number of lives, so he has to be careful during action mode. Tabaluga has to follow tasks from the animals of Greenland to beat the game. Tabaluga is also able to fly in higher places. Ice World is the final world in the game where Tabaluga has to stop Arktos and restore peace in Greenland.


  • Bats - These enemies are very simple.
  • Bears - These enemies take more hits than Bats.
  • Seals - Seals will throw snowballs at Tabaluga.

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