TOSE is a game developer and the largest non-video game publisher in the world with well over 1,000 employees. Despite this fact, not much is known about them, and until recently it was revealed that they were developers of games which publishers generally took credit for. Rarely will one find TOSE's name on a box or even in the credits despite the fact that they've made well over 1,000 games. To this day a vast majority of the games that they've developed are unknown to the public due to agreements they've made with publishers to make it seem like the publisher actually developed this.

Their clients list is extremely large, consisting of industry giants such as Nintendo, Capcom, Square Enix, Sega, Atlus, Namco Bandai, and even western developers such as Electronic Arts. Many of these companies have made it seem like they've developed games that were in actuality made by TOSE. Games that TOSE have developed are starting to be made known to the public, however, and among the only games that are widely known to be made by TOSE are The Legendary Starfy video games, which are published by Nintendo. TOSE employees claim to be perfectly fine with the arrangement.

List of games

It's unclear how many games TOSE have developed, though it's known to be over one thousand. Various games are known to have been developed by TOSE, though that number is dwarfed by those that aren't. Some publishers, especially Western ones, make it clear that TOSE developed the games, though oddly Japanese publishers keep it a secret, and it's been that way for years. TOSE has explained that they don't mind it, however, and in fact are happy to keep it that way. Their known Nintendo published titles include:

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