THQ Nordic, formerly called Nordic Games, is an Austrian publisher established in 2011. Its brands mostly consist of properties acquired from JoWood, DreamCatcher Interactive and THQ. They rebranded as THQ Nordic in 2016 after obtaining the trademark and logo. In 2019, the holdings group was renamed from THQ Nordic to the Embracer Group while the publisher remained THQ Nordic. The Embracer Group consists of the publishers THQ Nordic and Koch Media/Deep Silver and the developers Saber Interactive, Tarsier Studios and Coffee Stain Studios.



  • Black Forest Games
  • Bugbear Entertainment
  • Experiment 101
  • Grimlore Games
  • Gunfire Games
  • HandyGames
  • Nine Rocks Games
  • Pieces Interactive
  • Piranha Bytes
  • Rainbow Studios

List of Games

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Games in Development

(As of January 2020)