Syrene ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. She is the only pre-promoted Falcon Knight as well as the last recruitable character who joins in the main game.


Syrene is a famous pegasus knight of Frelia, and the older sister of Vanessa. She is the commander of their third battalion, and is widely renowned for her beauty, skill, and courage. She acts as an "older sister" figure to Tana, whom she trained along with Vanessa.

In her normal ending, she continues as commander, but can also marry either Gilliam or Kyle through a series of supports. Alternately, she can strengthen her bond with Vanessa.

In Vanessa and Syrene's support conversations, it is revealed that Vanessa looked up to Syrene for her ability to be "both a person and a soldier" while Syrene looked up to Vanessa for her calm and clear-headed manner even when under great pressure. Once, when their father got sick and they had no money, Syrene and her mother panicked while Vanessa gathered nuts, sold them, and bought medicine.

Syrene's supports with Gilliam show a somewhat more hotblooded and teasing side to her. She teases him by telling him she thinks he's very handsome and enjoying how flustered he is at that. In their A support they acknowledge their mutual feelings, with Gilliam proposing to Syrene.

Kyle and Syrene's supports reveal that they met once as pre-teens, when Kyle was a squire and messenger and Syrene was a trainee. Kyle was sent from Renais to deliver messages to King Hayden. Syrene was amused with his serious behavior; once they were done, she managed to rope him into going to the seaside with her, which Kyle had never seen while growing up in landlocked Renais. Later she helped him fight some bandits, and gave him a small wooden figure in the form of a pegasus, which he kept.

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