The Sword Valley is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is where the sword of Mechonis meets Bionis. Egil used it to drain away Bionis' Ether, which then is converted in either a weapon capable of dissolving life form from Bionis or fuel for the Mechon. This is where the Galahad Fortress is located. The area become inaccessible after the Mechonis Field.



The Valley was formed when the Mechonis struck its final blow to the Bionis during their battle. The horizontality of the slice allowed the beings living on both Titans to go from one to another easily.

First battle of Sword Valley

During the first Battle of Sword Valley, the Homs were fighting the Mechon controlled by Egil to ensure that they did not reach Bionis. Just as they were about to lose, Dunban saved the day by using the Monado, and the help of Dickson and Mumkhar. However Mumkhar betrayed the others, planning to collect the Monado at the end of the battle, but he was assumed to be killed by the Mechon. the Homs won the fight but Dunban lost the ability to use his right arm.

Return to Sword Valley

When the party reached Sword Valley, Dickson is waiting for them to sells them some equipement. He then leaves with Alvis. The party then encounter Mumkhar who was waiting for them, after a short exchange of words, Mumkhar summon his Metal Face armor and a bunch of Mass-Produced Face and engage the party in a fight. After the fight, Dunban CUT OFF Metal Face arms and plan on letting him go but Metal Face charge them while shooting, the shot miss them and hit one of the spires of Galahad Fortress making it fall and impales Mumkhar inside Metal Face while making the platform on which the battle took place fall from Mechonis, leading Mumkhar to his doom.

Second battle of Sword Valley

Once the party defeated Jade Face at the end of Mechonis Field, the allied forces of Bionis attack, and this area as well as the Galahad Fortress become inaccessible. The allied forces, led by Kallian, Chief Dunga, Otharon, and Dickson fight the Mechon along the sword but are forced to retreat When the Mechonis is awakened by Egil.

Enemies of the first battle of Sword Valley (Prologue)

Story Exclusive Enemies



Normal Enemies

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Project X Zone

Project X Zone 2

In Project X Zone 2, Sword Valley is the area of the Chapter 29: The True Dragon Fist.