Sweet Dream is a board in Mario Party 5. The board is dessert themed. Players travel across cakes and cookies.

Board Elements

The board starts with the star cake with the first Capsule Dispenser only a couple spaces away. The board is composed of two large loops with a couple interconnecting junctions and the long path around start.

The main trick of this board is at two major junctions there is a row of cookies that determine the current path with the path crumbling after a player passes. The first is fairly early on the board, starting on the left path which is longer. The second junction matters more with one of the happening spaces being accessed on this path.

Happening Spaces

3 of the Happening Spaces, located right next to the ice cream cone, a little behind start and on the right chocolate cake, cause the players to get picked up with the sliced cake and go somewhere else on the board.

The Happening space on top of the tallest cake calls all the players to do a party. The roulette determines what the other players lose: Capsules, Coins or Stars.

The Happening Space in the bottom right triggers the board minigame where the players throw candy balls in the cups on the cake to score Coins. The more cups filled, the more Coins won.

Story Mode

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