Sveta ​is a playable character of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. She is a Jupiter Adept and is the first playable demi-human in the Golden Sun series. Excelling in the 5 senses, she can read the minds of her company and sense unique smells, and is able to use visualized Psynergy. In fact, her Track Psynergy can make the aromas she smells visible. She is also one of the most important characters in the game, rivaling Karis and Tyrell in importance.


Sveta is a member of Morgal's royal family, being the daughter of Morgal's first king. Little of her specific past is revealed, however, it is known that she lost both of her parents following Sana's subjugation of Morgal. After the Morgal Revolution, Sveta's older brother, Volechek, who had led the revolution, became king, with Sveta being the last member of the line. By the time of Dark Dawn, it is stated that she has been away from Morgal for an unspecified period of time, with the exact reasons for her travel remaining unknown.

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