Dr. Mario: To unlock Dr. Mario, you must complete 1P Classic Mode using Mario at any difficulty/stock and without continues.

  • Alternative: play 100 vs matches

Falco: To unlock Falco, you must complete the 100-Man Melee mode. After you complete that, defeat Falco, and you can play as him.

  • Alternative: play 300 vs matches

Ganondorf: To unlock the evil Ganondorf, complete Event 29. You will then be challenged by Ganondorf; defeat him and you can play as him from then on.

  • Alternative: play 600 vs matches

Jigglypuff: To unlock Jigglypuff, simply complete the 1P Mode game at any difficulty/stock (Adventure or Classic).

  • Alternative: play 50 vs matches

Luigi: To unlock Luigi, in Adventure Mode, complete the stage with a 2 in the seconds meter 03:12:43 for example. You'll then view a scene where Luigi comes and kicks Mario away so he can fight you with Peach. Finish the rest of Adventure, and the 'Newcomer Fight' will commence.

  • Alternative: play 800 vs matches

Marth: To unlock Marth, play Classic mode with all 14 regular characters (not ones you've unlocked). Marth will then challenge you; beat him to gain him as a selectable character.

  • Alternative 1: you can simply use every character as a human player in VS. Mode, and get a challenge from Marth that way.
  • Alternative 2: play 400 vs matches

Mewtwo: To unlock Mewtwo, play in VS. Mode for either 20 hours (Combined VS. Play Time total)

  • Alternative: play 700 matches in that mode. After either requirement is met, Mewtwo will challenge you; beat him.

Mr. Game & Watch: To unlock Mr. Game & Watch, you must complete both Classic and Adventure 1-P mode or the Target Test with ALL characters at any difficulty/stock, regular and hidden that includes Mewtwo. After you do that, you'll be challenged; win this battle.

  • Alternative: play 1,000 vs matches

Pichu: To unlock Pichu, complete Event 37 (Legendary Pokémon). Pichu will challenge you; win and you'll be able to play as Pichu!

  • Alternative: Play 200 vs matches

Roy: To unlock Roy, complete Classic Mode using Marth at any difficulty/stock. Roy will challenge you; defeat him and you can play as him. Alternative: play 900 vs matches

Young Link: To unlock Young Link, complete Classic mode with 10 different characters at any difficulty/stock. You'll then be challenged by Young Link; defeat him.

  • Alternative: play 500 vs matches


State Conditions to unlock
Battlefield Stage To unlock the Battlefield stage, complete the All-Star 1-P mode for the first time.
Big Blue Stage To unlock the Big Blue stage, you must play at least 150 matches in VS. mode (without quitting).
Brinstar Depths Stage To unlock the Brinstar Depths stage, you must play at least 50 matches in VS. mode.
Dream Land Past Stage To unlock the Dream Land stage of the past, beat Target Test with all characters, regular and hidden.
Final Destination Stage To unlock the Final Destination stage, you must complete all 51 Event Matches.
Flat Zone Stage To unlock the Flat Zone stage, you must complete 1-P Classic mode at any difficulty/stock with Mr. Game & Watch.
Fourside Stage To unlock the Fourside stage, you must play at least 100 matches in VS. mode (without quitting).
Kongo Jungle Stage To unlock the Kongo Jungle from the N64 version of this game, complete the 15-Minute Melee. I'd recommend using Donkey Kong and constantly use his Down + B move the entire time (thanks to DEngel's Secrets guide, for I used that strategy to unlock this)
Mushroom Kingdom II Stage To unlock the Mushroom Kingdom II stage, which is from Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES, simply collect a Birdo trophy. The trophy is random, but when you find/win it, you get this stage.
Poké Floats Stage To unlock the Poké Floats stage, you must play at least 200 matches in VS. mode (without quitting).
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