Super Scribblenauts is the sequel to the 2009 DS puzzle game Scribblenauts. The biggest addition is the ability to add adjectives to words.

Differences to the original

  • The sequel recognizes adjectives place before words (for example: "evil flying toilet").
  • There is an improved control system, where the d-pad can be used for movement.


Super Scribblenauts is a game where you create objects to help you beat the level. If you put an adjective it will put the adjective to wrote, unless they can't under stand it. If they can't understand it, they will cross it out with a red line.Before to press start, your in your playground with your character where if you look up on the top screen there's a thermometer where there's a limit to the scribbles you can make.

Your Playground

Your play ground is your place, where if your bored of levels you can add what ever you want in your place. You can put as many things as you want as long as the thermometer doesn't fill up.

Super Scribblenauts Image

Your playground.

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