Super R.C.Pro-Am is a portable version of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game R.C. Pro-Am. The game was released in 1991 in America and 1992 in Europe. It was developed by Rare, and was never released in Japan. The game, like its predecessor, was published by Nintendo. It's a racing game seen in an isometric perspective that was released early in the Game Boy's life.


In Super R.C. Pro-Am, the player races remote controlled cars against others in hopes of winning the race. In each course there are letters that the player is required to obtain if they wish to complete the game. The letters, when put next to each other, spell Nintendo. If you accidentally pass up a letter in a course, then that letter will appear in the next race that you compete in. Once you spell Nintendo a total of three times, you'll win the game. Doing so two times will net you enhanced cars. In the game, you'll be required to dodge various obstacles that litter the course such as oil spills.

There aren't many racers in each race, just three, though the variety of hazards will prove to become opponents in of themselves. In order to win races, you can't continually run into the obstacles as they'll cause you to spin out, allowing the other race cars to go ahead of you. The special items balance things out by giving your car special abilities. In all there are twenty four tracks that you'll compete in.

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