Super Punch-Out!! (JP) is an arcade video game released in 1984. The game is the successor to Punch-Out!! and was released before the series made its way to the Nintendo Entertainment System with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream. The gameplay of this game is nearly identical to the original and introduced some of the series' most beloved characters. Super Macho Man played the role of the final opponent in this game.


The main character in Super Punch-Out!! is unnamed by Nintendo. It wouldn't be until Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! was released for the NES would the protagonist would have a name. In the game, the player tries to accomplish the goal of becoming the champion of the World Video Boxing Association, or WVBA for short. The player will be required to fight boxer after boxer, each one with a slight to extreme stereotypical persona, in hopes of becoming the best of the best. The camera will be viewed from the back of the player and the player himself will be a limpid wireframe in order for the player to see who he's fighting more clearly.

To defeat an opponent, the player will have to execute attacks and dodges at appropriate moments and a majority of the time counter-attack after the boxer has launched an attack. The player must have a presage of when the opponent will attack and identify which attack he'll deliver. This and the timing in which you do it in are pivotal and the keys to winning the game. Because of this, Super Punch-Out!!, as well as the various other entries within the franchise, are commonly considered rhythm games instead of boxers.


Various characters in Super Punch-Out!!  became classics of the series, such as Great Tiger, Vodka Drunkenski, Super Macho Man, Dragon Chan, and Bear Hugger. Vodka Drunkenski's name was changed to Soda Popskini due to the references towards alcohol and to make it a more appropriate game for a family-friendly console. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Punch-Out!! game had the same name as this game. One of the various victory tunes was later found in the Nintendo Entertainment System game Baseball. Beyond that the two titles are unrelated.