Super Pac-Man is the fourth installment of the Pac-Man series.


The game plays a bit differently from the previous Pac-Man games. Instead of eating all of the pellets in the maze to win, you must eat the keys spread out over the level to open doors, which lead to the fruits that you must collect. There is also a new power-up, known as the Super Pellet. Once Pac-man eats one of these, he will turn into Super Pac-Man. Super Pac-Man can eat through walls, but can't eat the ghosts.


Super Smash Bros. series

Super Pac-Man makes an appearance as Pac-Man's Final Smash. The player will control Super Pac-Man to eat their opponents, and when successful, launches them. Super Pac-Man is also part of the event match "The Big 7650!" where you have to get a combo of 6 within a short time limit. It returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but Pac-Man rushes across the screen and wraps around the other side. Players can change the angle Pac-Man goes.