Super Off Road is a game released for arcades and later the NES, featuring pro truck driver Ivan Stewart. It involves off road truck racing and heavily features Toyota pickups. Occasionally, turbos can be acquired during the race. The winner will be presented a trophy by scantily-clad women. The game was remade for the SNES.

Though unrelated otherwise, Driift Mania has been heavily compared to Super Off Road.

A sequel, known as Super Off Road: the Baja, was released for the SNES. It changed the perspective from top-down to second-person, and changed the items to be purchased with winnings instead of picking them up during the race.

Though not in the series, Excite Truck does bear resemblance to Super Off Road: the Baja.



The game uses a top-down perspective. Steering is done from the truck's perspective (e.g. if the truck is facing toward the bottom of the screen, then pressing left on the D-pad will cause the truck to turn right from the player's perspective).

Many courses have areas which intersect, making for easy collisions between vehicles. Although it is easy to skip parts of the track, the game requires the entire course to be traversed before a lap is counted.

Super Off Road is 1990 racing game, developed by Leland Corporation and Rare.



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