Super Mario World was the third and final animated series in the Mario cartoon shows produced by DIC Entertainment, having succeeded The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. This show was heavily based on the game of the same name, released for the SNES. Most of the voice cast from the Super Mario Bros. 3 series reprised their respective roles. The show also introduced a show-exclusive character named Oogtar, a clumsy cavechild.

The show originally aired as the first half of the program Captain N & The New Super Mario World (alongside the final season of Captain N: The Game Master) on NBC's Saturday morning line-up, running from September 14 to December 7, 1991.


Mario, Luigi, and Peach go on a vacation to Dinosaur World where they encounter new faces and go on adventures.


Like the SMB3 cartoon before, it does not have live-action segments. Unlike the last two cartoons, Toad does not physically appear in the show, as he was absent in the Super Mario World game. He is replaced by Yoshi from the game and show-exclusive character Oogtar. The character designs from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 are retained, but with some minor details added.

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This game has spawned a few memes. The first is Mama Luigi, in which Luigi has to care for Yoshi after he hatches from his egg. The second revolves around an episode in which Mario and his friends are being attacked by fireballs. Yoshi responds, "Fireballs! Yum!" and proceeds to eat them and spit them back at the enemies.


  • In this series, Yoshi is able to speak, a rarity in Nintendo history.

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