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Super Mario World was the final cartoon in the Super Mario Bros. cartoon series produced by DIC Entertainment, having succeeded The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. This one was, as its name implies, heavily based on Super Mario World for the SNES. It first debuted as a part of Captain N: The Game Master. In this series, Yoshi is able to speak, a rarity in Nintendo history. Like the SMB3, cartoon, it would also not have a live-action segment. It would use little from the past two games, being based only on Super Mario World. Unlike the last two cartoons, Toad does not physically appear in the show, as he was absent in the Super Mario World game since his final episode was Super Koopa. He is replaced by Yoshi. However, all of the cast from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 reprised their roles. The character designs from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 are retained, but with some minor details added. The show also introduced a show-exclusive character named Oogtar, a clumsy cavechild.

Voice Cast

  • Walker Boone as Mario
  • Tony Rosato as Luigi
  • Andrew Sabiston as Yoshi
  • Tracey Moore as Princess Peach
  • John Stocker as Oogtar, a Magikoopa, a Monty Mole and a Chargin' Chuck
  • Harvey Atkin as Bowser
  • Tara Strong (credited as Tara Charendoff) as Lemmy Koopa (Hip) and Iggy Koopa (Hop)
  • Paulina Gillis as Wendy O. Koopa (Kootie Pie)
  • James Rankin as Larry Koopa (Cheatsy)
  • Dan Hennessey as Roy Koopa (Bully), a T-Rex and a Teal Dinosaur
  • Michael Stark as Ludwig von Koopa (Kooky)
  • Gordon Masten as Morton Koopa Jr. (Big Mouth)
  • Catherine Gallant as Mama Fireplant
  • Stuart Stone as some Additional Voices

Episode list

# Title Airdate
1 Fire Sale September 14, 1991
Disliking the cold temperature of her new palace in Iced Land, Kootie Pie Koopa kidnaps Mama Fireplant.
2 The Wheel Thing September 21, 1991
Mario tries to improve the cave-people's lives by introducing them to the wheel.
3 Send in the Clown September 28, 1991
King Koopa stages a circus in his castle to lure the cave-people into a trap.
4 Ghosts 'R' Us October 5, 1991
While looking for Oogtar after he gets lost in the Forest of Illusion, Mario, Luigi, and the Princess get kidnapped by a Magikoopa named Wizardheimer.
5 The Night Before Cave Christmas October 12, 1991
In order to get the cave people nicer to each other, Mario introduces the concept of Christmas to them.
6 King Scoopa Koopa October 19, 1991
King Koopa builds a fast-food restaurant, where he serves food that changes the customers into his minions.
7 Born to Ride October 26, 1991
Yoshi runs away after being scolded by the Mario Bros. and joins a biker gang, not realizing that they're actually evil.
8 Party Line November 2, 1991
Mario re-invents the telephone for the cave-people to use, but it gets completely out of hand, especially when a Tyrannosaur rampages through Dome City.
9 Gopher Bash November 9, 1991
When Luigi tries to teach the cave-people how to grow a garden, Cheatsy Koopa and his Monty Moles steal all the crops.
10 Rock TV November 16, 1991
King Koopa gives the cave-people televisions that he then uses to brainwash them into turning against the Mario Bros.
11 The Yoshi Shuffle November 23, 1991
While teaching teamwork to a trio of cavemen by way of a game of football, Luigi gets turned into an egg by a Magikoopa, and Mario and Yoshi are kidnapped and then forced to play football against the Koopalings and the Chargin' Chucks.
12 A Little Learning November 30, 1991
Against King Koopa's wishes, Hip and Hop start attending the Princess's school class.
13 Mama Luigi December 7, 1991
In the final Mario cartoon episode, as a bedtime story, Luigi tells Yoshi the story of how they met.

In Popular Culture

This game has spawned a few memes. The first is Mama Luigi, in which Luigi has to care for Yoshi after he hatches from his egg. The second revolves around an episode in which Mario and his friends are being attacked by fireballs. Yoshi responds, "Fireballs! Yum!" and proceeds to eat them and spit them back at the enemies.

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