BS Super Mario USA Power Challenge is a Satellaview version of the Super Mario Collection's (Super Mario All-Stars in America/Europe) Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2 in America/Europe). The game was released in four versions, each one containing a world from the game.

The game features many differences from the original game. For one, you cannot choose your character. You start off using Mario, with Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad becoming playable, depending on what's going on in the radio drama playing in the background. This has actually caused the game to become harder, as some stages are easier to complete with certain characters.

The worlds included are World 1 (episode 1), World 2 (episode 2), World 4 (episode 3), and World 5 (episode 4). It is unknown why they skipped World 3. While some things were excluded from the game, others were added, such as keeping track of all the points you've collected and statues of Mario that you can collect. Also included is a level select screen. Unfortunately, you cannot save the game.

In emulations of the game, there is no music. This is due to the original broadcasts using a radio drama broadcast via SoundLink (it should be noted that the emulations do include sound effects).

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