Super Mario Party Jamboree is an upcoming Mario Party game for the Nintendo Switch. It is the third entry of the franchise on the platform. It will release on October 17, 2024.


SMPJ SCRN Toad Roll 'em Raceway

Toad in Roll 'em Raceway

The game will retain the classic gameplay of the Hudson Soft entries, since the previous Super Mario Party game.


The game features the standard board game mode of the previous Mario Party games. Players roll a dice and roam around the board. They can buy and store up to three items and use them to their advantage. The goal is to have the most stars with mechanics changing between boards.

The new online mode is the Koopathalon mode which has 20 players compete in various minigames to progress along the board. The goal is complete a certain amount of laps around the board with success in minigames moving the player along.

Playable Characters[]

List of Boards[]

Super Mario Party Jamboree boards

The new boards in the game

Super Mario Party Jamboree N64 boards

Two boards from past games

These are the following boards set to appear in the game, including two past ones:

List of minigames[]

The game features the most minigames in the series with a total of over 110 minigames. Some minigames require certain gestures with the Joy-Con or tilting.




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  • On the cover, Mario is holding a dice showing a "2" as the only visible number. This may be a reference to the fact that this is the second Mario Party game to use the Super branding.
  • It is the first time the series has "retro" boards, as opposed to Superstars; Jamboree has new boards and content alongside.
  • Ninji's make their playable debut.
  • Has the highest amount of new minigames, with more than 110.
  • In Roll 'em Raceway, characters drive in their cars as they move along the board, calling back to Advance.

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