Super Mario Party is the eleventh mainline entry in the Mario Party series, returning to a more classic ruleset with the goal to collect stars against the other competitors. There are also special minigames utilizing more than one Switch.


Like previous Mario Party games, the game has a multitude of modes. The main board game mode is played with 4 players and all the minigames just utilize the functions of the Joy-Cons. There is some deeper strategy with each character getting unique kinds of dice. Like Star Rush, characters can be encountered and used as additional dice.

The Minigame mode has a few new options. Mariothon is a new minigame mode somewhat similar to the Decathlon from earlier Mario Party games. The players compete in 5 minigames in a row to get the best score in each of them. The winner is the one with the best overall score. This is the first Mario Party mode with online play.

The next new minigame mode is River Survival where players work cooperatively to row their raft to the end of the river before the timer runs out. The players periodically have to play cooperative minigames via which adds time to the timer.

The other main mode is Toad's Rec Room which utilizes the Switch's Tabletop mode. This mode can use more than one Switch console.



The game has 80 different minigames

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