Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (JP) is a port of the level creator, Super Mario Maker, for the Nintendo 3DS, developed by Nintendo Software Technology in cooperation with original team.

The title retains most of the elements from the Wii U version, but it lacks the ability to upload a player's levels online as well as amiibo compatibility.



The main changes were in level sharing in that players can only play others' levels by doing the 100 Mario Challenge or selecting one of the courses from the Recommended section. The bookmark function is unavailable and there is no option to enter a Course ID.

The Mystery Mushroom costumes were also removed, making them exclusive to Wii U owners.

The 10 Mario Challenge was changed to the Super Mario Challenge, with 100 new courses spanning 19 worlds.

Local Play

This version has a much greater focus of local play. Players can StreetPass each other's levels. Players can also work collaboratively on levels locally.


The game received middling scores with a 73 on MetaCritic and a 72.42% on GameRankings. The game received a 33 (8/8/8/9) from Famitsu. The main criticism was while the port was technically capable, the lack of online functionality or cross-compatiblity with the Wii U version left the game feeling like a lite version.

In spite of this, sales were very solid. In Japan, the game outsold the original version at launch and quickly past it lifetime sales in the region. Worldwide, the game sold 2 million by March 2017.



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