Sweet Sweet Galaxy
Star 1: Rocky Road
Difficulty: 4/10
People tend to categorize this level as one of the hardest in the game, though those people clearly haven't gotten all 121. While it is certainly one of the more challenging parts of the game near the beginning, you'll find it to be relatively easy after you've beaten it.

Basically this level takes place in a cake-inspired world where cookie cutter shaped conveyor belts are placed around the entire stage. Go through one of the gaps and you'll ultimately fall to your death unless you are a masterful wall jumper (and yes, it'll sometimes work). Anyway, there'll be a check-point mid-way, which is certainly appreciated!

First off, let me just tell you that I can't imagine beating this game if it weren't for the long jump (while running press Z then A). You'll soar across gaps and quickly pass the harder parts of the level. You'd be surprised how easy long jumps are to control, as seen in this level.

So, let's start with the walkthrough portion. It'll be hard explaining this level to you, though nevertheless I'll do my absolute best! It'll mainly take a lot of skill or a lot of practice to beat this on your first try.

First off, the conveyor belt will be traveling downwards. All of the gaps are in the shape of circles, so there aren't any absurd happenings yet. There is, however, a rather large one that comes around every so often, so when that does, make sure you get to either the left or right side of the stage, or simply long jump over it (or, even easier, long jump when your on the left or right sides!). You'll eventually encounter an electric fence that you'll have to jump over, so just use your long jump!

After you pass the first two conveyor belts, you'll arrive at the check point, or mid-way point. It gets harder, but not too much. The next part is actually easier then it looks. It may seem whacky, which it is, though if you long jump and concentrate on where you're going, then you'll easily be able to pass this part up.

The next part may be considered a bit tricker, probably because half of the gaps have been replaced by full sections... though the full sections of before are now large gaps, making it a bit harder. There are also more electrical fields here which you'll have to jump over, so clearly do so. You may be frightened, but just try to long jump and land onto these platforms when the electric field comes up. After that, just jump onto the cake, spin around if you want some star bits at the top and grab the star!

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