The Star Festival
After going through the less than stellar beginning showcasing off some equally bad artwork, you learn that Peach has just invited Mario to the castle for the Star Festival. The game then starts with Mario acting like a plane and the game then starts.

Right at the beginning you'll be able to collect the multitude of star bits that come raining in. Collect them by pointing with your Wii remote. Continue on to Toad Town and talk to all of the citizens if you wish. Also, enjoy the music, because it's the last time you'll hear it until the VERY end of the game.

When you see the village, you're able to go on the dock to the right and get a simply marvelous view of Toad Town and Peach's Castle. Look at that water! Great effects, right?

Well, anyway, you might as well go down as there's really not much you can do here. Right when you get to the center of the town, Bowser and his airships will raid the Mushroom Kingdom. He'll freeze the Toads in the city and then head towards Peach's castle. Peach is holding one of the Luma creatures and then Bowser comes in to "invite" her to the creation of his new galaxy.

He then calls in a UFO, and then you're back to controlling Mario. Now since there's no time limit, you're free to explore the town before you're sent to space. Some neat little things for the observant include -

  • You'll probably notice the water that's shooting out of the fountain, well if you go on top of it before it is ejected, you'll raise in the air. Note this for a later part of the game in the Honeyhive Galaxy.
  • You're no longer allowed to climb on trees like you can in Super Mario 64!

Now, it's nearly impossible to die here, though note the falling meteors? Well, they fall in the same space every time, so if you go there, they'll take one piece of health away from you.

Now, just go to the castle step, and a cut-scene will occur. The UFO will root Peach's castle out of the ground, and take it into space. Mario fails to save her, though nevertheless tries. A Magikoopa zooms in and then shoots him off of the castle and onto a nearby moon (or some type of planetoid). Epic? Well, for a Mario game it is!

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