Space Junk Galaxy
Star 1: Pull Star Path
This is a fun level in the Space Junk Galaxy. You'll start off on a plain looking platform. Pull the pull star above then spin so that Mario will get off of it and will land on the next platform ahead, which is a cylinder. Collect the star bits in the crystals if you want, then pull onto the next set of pull stars.Keep going left by grabbing onto the the pull stars and eventually you'll be required too go upwards. Next is a trio of small planets with star chips traveling around them. But electric balls are also going around, so make sure you dodge them! The first star chip will be on the first planet you land on, while the other four will be divided equally among the two other spheres. After you collect them all, a launch star will appear in between the two latter spheres. Go through it and you'll be launched to a far off area. Collect the star bits after you crash through the crystal (while in the air), then you'll eventually land on a Captain Olimar inspired ship.

Head upwards and grab onto the large sphere pull stars. After you go through the first three, then the regular ones will pop up again, so head right through this area. When you land on the platform at the end, dodge the bug creatures or explore this area by going underneath it. Up on top, free all four Toads in the crystals, though make sure you don't break the one with a Goomba inside. Once you free the Toads, the Toad Brigade ship will come. Jump onto it, go on the other side then go through the sling star.


You'll now land on a platform. Go straight, and you'll notice that the debris around you will form more platforms. What you have to do in this general area is collect all five silver stars, which will thus bring out the power star for the level.

After you go straight, head left onto the greenish part. Jump over the gap that appears and collect the first silver star on the brownish/orange platform. Head back and go the opposite way and head up the blue stairs to the right. Get the silver star up here, then head back down in the middle and head upwards.

When you go up, the platforms will get smaller, so be cautious! Head left when you go as far as you can then head up, making sure you go along with the winding path. There's a silver star to the left of you and one right ahead, so get both of those then return back to where you were on the small green platforms and head right this time and then up. Once you get to the red platforms, jump on them then the other. Collect the final silver star then return back to beginning of this area to claim the power star!

Star 2: Kamella's Airship Attack
Difficulty: 4/10
This is the first boss for this area (in all there are two). The boss is a female Magikoopa and resembles Kamek and Kammy from Yoshi's Island and the Paper Mario series respectively.This level will start out on the Toad Brigade's ships. It's fun to practice long jumping here and seeing gravity work its magic on Mario as it sends him around the ships multiple times. Make a bet on which one he'll land on! Anyway, go onto the red ship, and the Toad there will explain that his comrades have ventured onto the airships above, but haven't returned. He would go himself, though he's too afraid. Go through the launch star and head onto the first airship.

Kill the Goombas and get the extras if you wish. Go over to the lever and spin attack it, which will cause the bridge to drop, thus giving you access to the other airship. Head over the bridge and you'll see two cosmic MIPS jumping around. To get the 1-up mushroom to the left, either jump and spin or long jump. And to get the coins above to the right, just jump up high and spin. Head over to where the box is then jump and spin to break it. A sling star will be released, so go through it.

On this airship you'll find a few Goombas and a Koopa Troopa shell, not to mention a Magikoopa and a few chests. Right at the beginning you can spin on the wheel which will cause it to rise, giving you access to the ? box above it. There are also two crystals here which have Toads in them. If you want, free them, though it's only optional. Grab the Koopa shell and fling it at the chest near the front of the ship. A launch star will be released from it, so go through!

On this airship, you'll land on a dock above the ship. Head left then long jump and grab the pull star above the chimney. Head inside it to get a whole bunch of star bits, and once you're done you can return back to the airship by using the sling star. Free the Toads here then grab one of the Koopa Troopa shells and fling it over to the opposing enemies who are ejecting flaming projectiles. Once you've killed both of them, the bridge will drop. Go across it and through the sling star. This is the boss' ship, so get ready!

She'll start by shooting fireballs and Koopa shells your way. When she shoots a Koopa shell your way, grab it quickly by spinning next to it and then send it her way. You'll know what she shoots out by the color of the the trail. If it's green, it's a shell though if it's red, then it'll be a fire ball. After a few shots, she'll summon a couple Magikoopas. Rid of them by either spinning near them or jumping on top of them so that you can focus solely on the paramount threat. Once you hit her again, she'll die and the power star will be released from her wand. Get it and end the level.

Star 3: Tarantox's Tangled Web
Difficulty: 5/10
This mission is a bit harder then the previous one, but not by much. It's another boss battle, and in my opinion is better than the previous. Once again you'll land on the Toad Brigade's ship. Head left using the pull stars, though eventually you'll be required to head a different path than you did on the first star here. You'll land on a large crystal looking planet. Find a hole in the ground and head inside.There are minor diversions here, though to get to the launch star head in these directions - Straight, right, right, left, left. Once you do this, you'll find the launch star. Go through it and you'll be launched out of the planet.

You'll land on a rock type planet. Head forward and kill the bugs here. Eventually you'll come across a Toad who is stuck to a sling pod. Grab the sling pod and send him where ever you want - it really doesn't matter. Now jump on the sling pod and aim yourself to the platform ahead. After that, go on the other sling pod and launch yourself to the ship. On top of this ship is a Life Shroom, so be sure to get that. Launch yourself to the next planetoid and then finally you'll come in view of a planet that is covered in web. Launch yourself that way and the fight will start against the boss.

The boss will be in the middle of the entire stage the whole time. You're allowed to go around the entire stage, and you'll clearly notice the sling pods. Grab onto them and shoot yourself through the bosses bulbous things that are jutting out of its body. The large one is the one you want to hit, as it'll flip him over. When this happens, launch yourself through all three weak-points that are clearly visible. After doing so, you'll have to repeat the process once more.

When fighting him, make sure you avoid his acid he spits out. If you can't manage to grab onto one of the sling pods, then take note that there are some platforms that'll give you a little boost. Make sure when slinging yourself across the stage that you don't crash into one of these platforms, as it'll destroy it completely. If you're running out of health, then just use the pointer to grab some of the coins out of the sling pods, then head over and grab it.

After you've killed the boss, a star will be revealed in the middle of the platform. Use the sling pod and aim yourself at it to get it.

Star 4 (Speedy comet): Pull Star Path Speed Run
Difficulty: 5/10
Basically this is easy until you get to the very end. This is essentially the first star that you had to collect in the Space Junk Galaxy, though this time you'll only have four minutes to complete it. You'll once again go through all of the same obstacles, so use the walkthrough above (star 1) as a reference.When you get to the end part, you'll once again have to collect five silver stars. This is the hardest part of this challenge, though just make sure to take it nice and slow if you're a beginner. Going to frantically will probably cause you to fall off the ledge, which means you have to start the entire level over again, which is something we don't want!

Once you've gotten all of the stars, head back to the beginning and collect the power star!

Star 5 (Purple Comet): Purple Coin Spacewalk
Difficulty: 5/10
This level is a bit challenging because you have a two minute timer to collect all of the purple coins. Thankfully they're all grouped in tens, which means you'll have to find 10 groups in all. Once again, you'll have to go over those platforms that only appear when you get close enough. This is a different layout then before, and a harder one as well. It's almost like a maze, seeing that there are some routes that'll ultimately lead to a dead end!So, head straight and get the first 10 purple coins. Then head right, jump over the gap then head up. Eventually you'll be able to head left, so do so and collect the next batch of purple coins (20/100). Head left then and grab the next group of purple coins (30/100). Now head left then up for 10 more, then right. Jump over the gap and collect the next batch (50/100). Head right even more and get the next 10 (60/100). Huzzah! You're over half way there!

Then go up some more and collect 10 more purple coins. Head back down, then left and finally up again to get 10 more. Head left again to get 10 more purples. Head left again and jump over the gap to get the last set, which will cause the star to appear. Go back to to the beginning and get the star before it's too late!

Star 6 (Secret Star): Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance
Difficulty: 2/10
Choose the third star in the Space Junk Galaxy. Before you start, note that you have to collect 50 star bits, so get all you can. Right at the beginning you should find some on the red mushroom ship, so point at them. That should be six!
Grab onto the pull star and then land on the next platform. Spin attack these enemies to get a few star bits, then head around this platform and attack the crystals to get a bunch more. Go left through the next set of pull stars and collect the star bits that are stationed on the opposite "L" shaped planetoid. By now you should have about 35 or so, which is pretty good.

Go onto the planet and you'll probably see the Hungry Luma, though clearly you don't have enough yet. Break the crystals that are around here to get some more and go inside the planet to get yet more. Make sure you don't go through the launch star, because if you do you'll have to start the level over! Once you've found enough, go back to the Luma and feed it 50 star bits.

Once you do, it'll transform into a wooden Yoshi head (awesome!). Spin through the new pink launch star to get there. Once you do, you'll be greeted by about 20 or so Goombas! Kill them all, and if you wish perform some combos which is always fun! Often times red steam will be released from the Yoshi's nostrils, and it'll harm you if you get in its way. Once you've killed all of the Goombas, then the star will appear, grab it to end the level.

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