Rolling Green Galaxy
Star 1: Rolling in the Clouds
This is a fun level, and an easy one! The star is right in front of you! Oh, but it's encased inside of a large ball. Jump on top of the ball here and the sign will explain what to do. Hold the Wii Remote so it's pointing upwards to the ceiling. Tilt it to make Mario roll in the corresponding direction.

Go through the hole north and you'll roll down onto a bigger platform. Go around the level and dodge the Goombas. Don't worry about the diversions, as they're not important for the first time through. Just concentrate on getting to the end of the level!

Avoid the gaps and keep going forward. Oh, and to jump, press the A button. Head over the bridge and either go left or right. The right is easier because all you have to do is jump over the gap. Either way, just get to the end. Go into the hole, which will launch you far above and into another hole, which will break the ball. Get the star and end the level!

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