Gusty Garden Galaxy
Star 1: Bunnies in the Wind
In this area, you'll have to use the flowers on this planet to glide to other planets. If you shake the Wii Remote, you'll go higher, though you're only allowed to do so three times before all of the pedals fall off. So go up to the flowers and spin. They'll be rooted from the ground and will shoot in the air. Jump onto one and tilt the joystick forward to the next planet. At first it's tricky to know when it's best to spin, though you should do so when you feel the Wii remote rumble lightly.

So, anyway, get to the other planet and press A when you're there. Do this again with the next batch of flowers and land on this planet. Kill the Piranha Plant in the back and head up the newly formed vine to get a 1-Up. Now use the next batch of flowers to once again get to another planet.

Here, once again kill the Piranha Plant in the back and head up the vine. On this next planet, kill the Piranha Plant in the back (again!) and head up the vine. Here, wait until the large purple Piranha Plant smashes the ground, then jump on its head, a vine will appear, which if you go up it will lead to a 1-Up. Afterwards go on the underside of this planet and spin the plant here. A vine will come out, which you should once again use. Kill the large Piranha Plant here, which will cause a launch star to appear. Go through it and then onto the next planet.

Now, talk to the bunny on this planet, and he'll tell you to catch him. Go around this planet until you eventually do, and he'll give you the star!

Star 2: The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows
Getting from planet to planet this time will be harder, despite the fact that it seems the same. As before, use the flower to get to the other planet. It'll take a bit more effort this time, and you'll also have to pay close attention to when the Wii remote rumbles. Remember that you can only do it three times, and that it may take a couple tries and a couple lives until you're able to get across these couple planets.

Anyway, after doing this two times, you'll land on a planet where a Monty Mole of some sort is aimlessly digging in the ground. What you have to do to kill it is get close enough and ground pound. He'll pop out of its hole for a few seconds, and you'll then be able to go in and spin attack it. It'll be killed and you will then be able to go through the new sling star.

On this planet there will be three more. Follow them by tracking down their trails. They're rather fast, so you may have to see which direction they're going in and then go the other so that you'll go head on. Do this to all three and afterwards go through the launch star.

This area was shown during the early days when not much was known about the game. There are a set of apple planets. You'll notice the wooden stump jutting out of one of the apples. Ground pound it, which will cause the worm inside to be disturbed, thus ejecting out of the current apple and will then enter the one above. This will act as a sort of bridge to the next apple, so go on top of the colossal worm and onto the next apple. Perform this a few more times until his head sticks out, where you can then go on top of it and go through the launch star.

You'll land on a tree stump here. Ground pound it, which will cause a life shroom to appear suddenly. Get it before it vanishes and then go through the launch star. You'll see on this planet a Space MIP being chased by Major Burrows, essentially the ruler of all the Monty Moles. Every once and awhile you'll see it stick his head out to make sure that he's following the rabbit. When he does this, quickly ground pound, which will cause him to shoot out of the ground. Now spin attack him, which will basically start the battle.

He'll be enraged that you did this to him, and he'll then go for you rather than go for the bunny. Do the same thing as before, though note that he's faster now, so you'll have to be as well! The third time will be the hardest. After he pops out of the ground, perform a ground pound. However, rather than him shooting up, he'll go back down into the ground. He'll then charge you, so ground pound once more, then spin attack him. This will be the end of the battle, so get the star!

Star 3: Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble
Once again, use the flowers to get to the second planet. Once there, kill the Piranha Plant in the back, which will cause a vine to shoot out. Go up it and on the next planet, kill the Piranha Plant on top, which will... yup, you guessed it - cause another vine to appear. As always, go up it and then go through the launch star.

In this semi-sidescrolling level, you'll have to collect five star chips. The gravity will always pull you back, so don't worry about falling to your death. However, you do have to avoid the electric spheres! Right away, go under the first structure here and get the first of them. Now use the pole and climb to the top and shoot yourself to the other one. Up here is the next star chip. Go to the bottom here and climb the pole. Avoid the electrical spheres and jump to get the third star chip. Go to the last planet and get the next star chip on the top of it, and the last on the pole. Go through the newly created launch star to shoot you to the next area.

This is a platforming heavy area. Head up these blocks and get past the ones rotating around the bigger blocks. Make sure not to hit any cannons as well. Spin attack the green arrow, which will distort the gravity. Head up these rotating platforms, making sure you're only standing on the lightly colored portions, as the dark sides will cause you to fall down into the black hole below. Spin attack the next green arrow, and then go down. Hit the final green arrow and you'll have to do some awesome cannon dodging! Chances are you'll get hit, so just try your best to avoid them. Once you get past this first batch, head right and dodge more cannons. Jump the gap at the end and spin attack the crystal twice to get the star inside.

Star 4 (Daredevil comet): Major Burrow's Daredevil Run
This one's pretty challenging, and might be the hardest daredevil level. It's just like the fight you had with Major Burrow before. Thankfully you don't have to go through the first level, which is clearly nice, though you do have to beat this rather challenging boss without getting harmed once. The first two attacks will probably be easy, though the last will be the most challenging. He's faster, and chances are you'll get hit a few times. Long jump if you have to!

Anyway, also note that in the last portion, after ground pounding once, you'll have to do it again, so be alert!

Star 5 (Purple comet): Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube
This is actually a fun purple coin challenge. In two minutes and 30 seconds, you'll have to find 100 purple coins, though thankfully there are 150 on the stage, meaning you can pass some by. There are six sides of this cube shaped planet, and some of them you should certainly avoid - basically the one where you are required to walk on top of the wooden, narrow bridges. If you're an experienced player, then you may be able to do it, though otherwise it's just too dangerous.

Get all of the coins on the first side of the cube, as they're all safe. Passing one by is alright, though if there's an easy one right next to you, just go and get it. The star will be on top of the fountain where you started, so make sure you take a mental note of where that particular side is. I forgot where it was, and when I finally got there I jumped in the air. It almost seemed as if I had it, though I ran out of time and had to try again. I did it finally, though I was not a happy camper during that first part!

Star 6 (Secret Star): The Golden Chomp
This secret star can be found on the third star. The only challenging part about this level is attempting to get the ? coins in the air, which is harder then you probably think. So, use the flower to get in the air. While going to the second planet, you'll have to grab three ? coins. Once you finally do so, just know that you've gotten through the hardest part of the mission.

When you get to the planet, kill the Piranha Plant in the back and go up the vine, where you'll hit the next ? coin. When you land on the planet, collect the last ? coin, which will cause a rainbow star to appear in the air. To get it, you'll have to kill the Piranha Plant and go up the vine. Get the rainbow star up here, then go through the launch star.

On this planet, go to the very end, plowing through the boulders if you wish. You probably remember the Golden Chomp from this part, well, as Rainbow Mario, destroy it, which will cause the star to appear. Go get it!

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