Good Egg Galaxy
This is basically the first galaxy you'll explore in the game, and I'll be writing the guide assuming you know the basics of

the game, which include -

  • Going through star launchers.
  • Performing your attacks.
  • Collecting things.

Alright, let's get started!

Star 1: Dino Piranha
Difficulty: 2/10
The first stage (excluding the "training" portion) is understandably easy, though being new to the game, it may be challenging. Your goal here is to get the star that is stationed on a planet with the first boss in the game - the Dino Piranha plant, which essentially looks like a dinosaur Petey Piranha. Anyway, let's get started!
Side quest

On the underside of this first planet you'll notice an orange pipe. Go through it and you'll end up in the center of this here planet. Touch the ? Coin by heading up the gravity ramps, which will cause a set of musical notes to appear. Go through them all to get a 1-up, though hurry - it'll vanish after a short while!

Walk on the underside of the planet, collecting Star Bits and coins on the way, and if you wish killing the enemies, none of which pose any noticeable threat. Climb up the tower here and talk to the Luma at the top, who'll turn into a sling star. Go through the sling star and then into the star launcher to head to the next planet.

On this next planet, you'll notice a bunch of boulders. Try to dodge the boulders, and at the same time get all of the star chips here. While searching for the star chips, not only try and dodge the boulders, but you should also watch out for the mud, as it'll dramatically reduce your speed. Find all of the star chips and head through the new launch star to fly to the next planet.

You'll seemingly land on the underside of a planet here. Head up top and kill the Piranha Plant anyway you wish. I personally prefer to just spin attack it, which will quickly dispose of the threat. Once you do so, a vine will shoot up out of where the plant was. Head up it by swinging the Wii Remote quickly, which will shoot you up to the next planetoid.

On this planet, dodge the boulders and the spiky plants. See the concrete deck right next to you? Well, go onto it, jump onto the green platform, though quickly jump right back off of it seeing that it'll vanish directly after landing on it. Kill the Piranha Plant here and go through the pipe.

Once in the pipe, you'll have to walk over all of the flip switches until you encounter the launch star for the next planet. Do so carefully, making sure not to fall over the edge or get hit by the moving, spiky platform. Get the 1-up and head through the launch star.

On this planet, you'll have to get to the top of the rock platforms and if you wish, kill the enemies on the way. Once there, go through the launch star and onto the boss planet.

You'll land on top of the boss' egg (it's yet to be born!). This will upset it, and it'll then start to walk around the stage with its tail hanging out. Spin attack its tail, which will in turn cause it to go back and crack the beast's egg.

Its egg will then explode, and the boss fight will start. It'll go around the small planet, crashing into the crystal structures. Get the coins and the Star bits if you wish, and continue to hit the boss' tail. After three times (excluding the first), it'll die, thus revealing the star.

Star 2: A Snack of Cosmic Proportions
Difficulty: 1/10
This is one of the easier levels in the game. The main goal here is to get one hundred Star Bits, so venture through each planet getting as many as possible. On the first planet, after getting all of the Star Bits, go to the edge of the underside (not on the tower as before), and talk to the blue Luma. It'll transform into a few pull stars. Grab each one and shoot through the launch star to get to the next planet.

On the next planet, get the Star Bits and kill the enemies if you wish. Destroy the crystal containing the star launcher, and continue on. While flying through space, you'll notice another launch star about mid-way through. Just pass by it and head onto the red planet with boulders. You can once again destroy these boulders by spinning next to them, though for now just collect Star Bits and destroy the crystal containing the star launcher to progress.

You'll now land on a planet that seems to be the first (well, kind of second if you include the icon you can choose) of a couple nods at Yoshi, seeing that it resembles a Yoshi Egg. If you have the required amount, then feed the Luma. If not, then find some. If you need to, you can blast off of this planet to find some more. The Luma will transform into a new planet and a pink star launcher, so shoot through this star launcher and onto the new planet.

You can easily head up this are by just jumping on the ledge to the top, and as I'm playing this I'm just backflipping my way up. Once at the top, shoot through the launch star.

The next area is pretty cool. It's shaped as a transparent capsule. You'll land on the top of it, so go around trying to find a crystal structure, killing the Goombas on the way. Once you find the correct structure, break it and head inside the capsule. The first thing you probably noticed were the arrows pointing up and down. These arrows imply which direction the gravity will send you, so take note of it. Also note that this portion of the level is basically a side-scrolling one! Super!

Once inside, you'll want to head to the right. Eventually, gravity will change, so take note. You'll be required to walk on the ceiling a few times here! You'll eventually get to a point where two platforms are pushing down (note: You'll be on the ceiling here). Wait until they both go through the ceiling, and quickly go across it. If you don't, it'll push you back to the beginning!

Once you cross that, watch out for the creature coming up. If you jump on it, make sure you don't jump too high, because you'll end up touching the adverse gravity section. Continue on and drop up (yeah, it sounds weird, doesn't it?). There are two paths you're able to take here. One will send you to a 1-up Mushroom, while the other is the regular path.

For the regular path, just head left and continue up the contorting gravity areas until you end up at the top, where you'll find a launch star. Do what you do best and shoot out of the dome. You'll land on a star shaped platform where you'll need to collect five blue star chips. Note that some will be on the side and some will be on the bottom of it. Once you get them all, five pull stars will appear. Use them to your advantage to get the star in the middle.

Star 3: King Kaliente's Battle Fleet
Difficulty: 3/10
This here is a fun level! You've probably noticed the house right ahead of you, well, it's time to go on top of it! People tend to go down the orange pipe on the planet's underside, though you're able to do a triple jump here to get on top. Up there is a launch star, so go through it and shoot to the next planet.

Here, free the Toad in the crystal and continue on. see the spiky plants? Well, spin attack a coconut so it'll hit the big one, which will break and cause a sling star to appear. Obviously, go through it and to the next planet.

Here you'll have to perform something similar to what you did above. You'll see a big Pokey come out of the ground, and the only way to kill him is to thrust a coconut in his direction. Once he collapses, simply jump on it, which will reveal a launch star, which you should obviously go through.

If you go through the pipe, you'll find a Rainbow Star which will make you invincible and allow you to plow through your opponents. Take it and kill all of the rolling Chomps here to get tons of star bits. Go back up and then go through the sling star onto the next planet.

This is a nice sized planet with plenty of obstacles. Dodge the electric walls, Chomps and other enemies on the planet's underside, and once you get to the top, you'll have to deal with more Chomps, homing Bullet Bills, and other creatures.

Note: See the blocks jutting out of the ground that serve virtually no purpose? Well, it's pretty clear that these are 3D versions of the platforms you can find in Super Mario Bros. 3! A cool reference if you ask me!

Get to the top of the stone structure here and break the crystal at the top which will reveal a launch star, which you'll clearly have to go through.

You'll now find yourself on an Airship. In front of you here are two enemies on the parallel ship that'll launch coconuts out of their snouts. Reflect the projectiles which will in turn kill the enemies. Once you do so, the bridge will fall down and you'll then be able to cross it. Head up the stairs on the other Airship to find the next launch star.

This here is the last planet where you'll find the second boss in the Good Egg Galaxy. If you need health, shoot a star bit at the yellow circles in the ground, then head up to find the boss.

The boss will arise from the lava, where it'll stay throughout the entire battle. Obviously it's advised that you don't touch the lava and DON'T attack the bosses tentacles, as it'll take some health away from you. In a similar Nintendo boss fashion, the boss will shoot out projectiles which you'll have to reflect. However, only do this when it shoots out a coconut, and not three fire balls. The first time it'll hit the boss right away, though later on you'll it'll shoot it back towards you and you'll have to do it again. In all you'll have to harm the boss three times until it'll die and reveal the Star.

Star 4 (Speedy Comet): Dino Piranha Speed Run
Difficulty: 3/10
This is essentially the same level as the first star, though now you only have four minutes to complete it. Just follow the instructions that were explained in the first star of this galaxy, except skip all of the optional stuff so that you can do it easily.

It's really not too hard, just make sure not to get too excited or you may mess up. Note that if you die in any way, you'll have to start over, so try to stay alive!

Star 5 (Purple Coin Comet): Purple Coin Omelet
Difficulty: 1/10
This is a simple stage, and thankfully there's no time. Note that you'll only be able to play this stage AFTER you beat the final Bowser stage. This stage is pretty linear, and the coins aren't scattered, so it's unarguably the easiest purple coin challenge in the game.

On the first planet you'll find fifteen of the one hundred coins. It's on a set path, so just once you've gotten them all break the crystal ahead to go through the launch star. Go through it, and you'll see that there are ten more in the air that you'll get simply by flying to the next planet (25/100, one fourth of the way there!). You'll see a launch star about mid-way in space - use it! If you don't, it doesn't matter because you're allowed to circle around this area as many times as you want.

After going through this launch star, you'll once again get ten more coins in space (35/100). You'll land on that Yoshi Egg planet, where there are even more coins. Collect them all and continue on to the launch star here. Once again, there are ten more coins in the air, and like before there's yet another launch star which you should use, which will send you through some more coins. On this red planet, collect the fifteen coins here on the set path while dodging or destroying the boulders (by spinning).

Go through this launch star, collect more coins, then go through the next one to collect the last ten. You'll then land on the planet where the star is, so congrats!

Star 6 (Secret Star): Luigi on the Roof
Difficulty: 0.5/10
This star is so simple that I gave it a 0.5/10 for the difficulty rather than a 1/10. After playing the game for a while, the Mailtoad will give you a letter from Luigi saying that he found a star. It's clearly on the Good Egg Galaxy, so head over there and select the Dino Piranha mission. Right from the start you'll see him on the roof of the house right there, so either go through the orange pipe or triple jump up there. Once there, Luigi will give you the secret star for this galaxy. Congratulations, you just obtained the easiest star in the game!
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