Gateway Galaxy
Star 1: Grand Star Rescue
After Mario wakes up by the same Luma that Peach was holding, the Luma transform into a Star bunny and Mario starts his journey here. You will have to chase some Star bunnies before knowing whats going on. After catching them all, a big observation deck will appear. Go to the top where Rosalina is wating and a cutscene will start, this is where Mario will learn how to Star Spin.After the cutscene, a Luma explains how to use the Star Spin to attack and break things. Go over to the two crystals and break them by spinning. After doing so, a launch star will appear and you'll then be on your way by spinning under it. You'll then be sent to a planetoid where a Luma explains how a meteor struck and destroyed a launch star. You'll now have to find all of the star chips to fix it up. Before going off to find them, note that if you fall into the hole here, you'll be suck into the black hole.

As aforementioned, the star chips are scattered on the small planet. Look in crystals, on the grass, above structures and beside them as well. You'll be able to find a 1-up on top of one of the rocks. Watch out for the Goombas and Falling Meteors, as they'll deplete your life or might knock you into the Black Hole!

Once you find all of the chips, a launch star will appear. Soar onto the next planet where you'll see a pink crystal thing jutting out of the ground. If you spin attack it, it'll cause all of the Goombas near it to topple over. Go to the top where the Luma will explain that a Goomba has a key. Kill the lighter colored Goomba to get the key and free the Luma. It'll transform into a sling star (a less powerful launch star), and you'll then be given access to the next planetoid.

Head to the top of this area and watch out for the moving platforms (if you touch either the starting or ending point of one, you'll be shocked). At the top there's a colossal Goomba that can be killed after you spin near the pink crystal. It'll topple over, and you'll then be allowed to kill it, thus giving you the next key. If you're looking for Star Bits, then there are a few at the top, but if not, then go down into the pipe that's just opened. Make all of the switches flip blue by running over them. Make sure not to do so again, cause they'll switch back to yellow. Dodge the moving platforms and Goombas, and then collect your first Grand Star!

Star 2: Gateway's Purple Coins
Difficulty: 2/10
This mission will be accessible after you are allowed to go into the garden. When going up to the garden, you'll notice about half way between it and the engine room that there's a house on a platform. Go inside. Once there, you'll see that you can either do the Grand Star Rescue mission again or do this new one! However you must do this mission first, then you can do either mission.It's the first purple coin challenge in the game, and thus is relatively easy. You'll also first use the Red Star item here for the first time, though I guess it's really the only time unless you count the optional times you can use it in the Observatory.

When you pick this mission, head up the building where Rosalina will be. After talking with her, a red Luma will ask you to find all 100 purple coins on the planet that you're on, and then explains the red star (If you are doing this mission again, then only the red Luma will be here). Take the star, then jump in the air and spin. You'll start to fly! Collect all of the coins in the air here, then head over to the stones jutting out of the ground and collect all of the coins on top of them. If you spin while in mid-air while near a coins, it'll gravitate toward you; so that's a plus!

Just a note - 70 of the coins will be near the surface, while thirty will be in the air and will require the red star suit. If the suit ever vanishes, then you'll be able to find more on the surface (there's an unlimited supply of red stars, so you don't have to hurry!). Collecting all 100 purple coins makes an actual Red Power Star appear. Collecting this will make the Red Star Item available in the Observatory for a special use.

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