Freezeflame Galaxy
Star 1: The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr
This level is actually pretty hard, though it can arguably be considered fun! You'll land on a large ice ring. On ice, you're allowed to skate by shaking the Wii Remote, the more you skate, the faster you'll go. While skating, if you shake the Wii remote, you'll perform a spin attack just as you would before, though this time it's a bit more fluid as you're allowed to move while spinning, though at the same time it's a bit harder.Anyway, head over to the penguin on this level and talk to him. He'll ask you to catch him, and the only way to do so is to skate. Right away, head on the underside of the level, as that's where he'll go eventually. If you do, you'll catch him a lot quicker than you would otherwise. Once you do, he'll explain that you might have a chance of getting the star here, and will thus make a launch star appear. Go through and you'll land on the main planet.

Right away you'll slide down an icy slope. Afterwards you'll notice you're on more ice, so skate if you want. Kill the Goombas if they're bothering you then take the right route. Make sure you don't fall in the water, as it'll hurt you if you stay in there for too long. Go across the little islands here and grab the ? Coin ahead. It'll cause an Ice Flower to appear to the north, so head that way and grab it, dodging the floating Ice creatures on your way. If they attack you, you'll freeze and get one health bar taken away from you. Shake the Wii Remote to get free.

Anyway, get the Ice Flower. With the Ice Flower, you'll be able to walk over water, such as the large body around you, though that's pretty much it. So, go north here and jump on the ledge. You see the pipe shooting out a bit of water? Well, you can jump on those to get where you want to go, so do so to get to the top of this area. However, do so quickly, as after fifteen seconds, the ice on Mario will melt!

Head north again and you'll come across some more of those retracting blocks with faces. Wait until the go into the wall, then hurry up. Backflip to get on top. Here, just head south and then left, jumping over the platforms and dodging the ice monsters. Eventually you'll come across an Ice Flower in a crystal. Spin attack the crystal and get the flower. Now head north quickly, jumping over the steps. Wait until the block comes out toward you, then hurry across it. Continue right then use the sling star to land on one of those spouts. Jump up and then land on the top. This is the boss level!

Now, right away head left and across the platforms. Jump in the small section here with the crystals and break them. You'll see an Ice Flower, so take it! Now, head back to the beginning, skidding on the water if you wish. Head to where the boss is and wall jump up to him.


If you perform this trick during the boss fight, you won't even have to use the ice flower. Alright, now go onto the ledge where the ice flower is, but don't get it, aim your back against the large wall here, then perform a backflip. Quickly wall jump off of this wall and onto the boss stage! You may need to perform a spin jump after the wall jump!

The boss will attack by body slamming the level. This will cause a ripple, which will quickly send you flying off, requiring you to get another Ice Flower. When he does this, jump it then spin. All of the ice surrounding the boss will vanish. Now, go up to him again and spin once more to harm him. Continue doing this two more times, and he'll then die. The second time you hit him, he'll send out those icy monsters, so focus on killing them first. After you've killed the boss, go get the star to end the level.

Star 2: Freezeflame's Blistering Core
Would you look at that, you're back on top of the ice ring. No penguin this time, though there are five star chips. Go around the ice ring, breaking crystals to get them. Once you do, a bunch of pull stars and a launch star will appear in the middle of the ring, so use the pull stars to get to the launch star, then use it to blast onto the "blistering core" of the galaxy.Right at the beginning, head forward and jump over this first gap. Keep head north, dodging the enemies with spikes, as currently they cannot be killed. Eventually head right either jump over these boxes or break them. Get the life shroom ahead behind one of the boxes then head left. Go up the pole and then go left. Jump over these islands here and then once again head left to get the ? coin. A Fire Flower will appear, so go and get it.

You'll turn into Fire Mario. You are able to launch fire balls by spinning the Wii Remote, though you'll only be in this form for a few moments (about fifteen to thirty seconds). Now head back to where you got the ? coin and set the torch in flames, which will open the gate right here. By now, you probably don't have the suit any more, so head back and get the fire flower again. Now, head through the gate and head back to where the Life Shroom is. There are two torches here, so set them both on fire, which will cause a flight of stairs to rise.

Go up the stairs then jump so that you'll land on the platform right above you. Now go forward onto the rotating platform, making sure you don't get burned. Grab the Fire Flower and then head upwards, either dodging or killing the spiky enemies. Stand on the cement ledges and aim for the two unlit torches (one will be on the left side and the other on the right). The tower will rise, and you'll notice that you can wall jump up it. Do so to get to the other side.

Now head over this other rotating platform and jump across the block jutting out to get to the other one. This one will rotate the way that you don't want it to - so wait until one of the blocks comes out from the lava to cross it. Now head up and on the moving platform, making sure you don't get hit by the lava rock creatures. Now jump onto the other ledge and get the fire flower. Head to the left side of this area quickly and jump onto the moving platform. Aim towards the two torches, which will cause a bridge to appear. Go on it to get the star.

Star 3: Hot and Cold Collide
As always you'll land on the ice ring, though this time lava will be in the mix as well. Make sure you don't touch the scorching lava and just head on the linear path of ice. Eventually you'll come to a dead end, so break the crystal here and go on the "planet"'s underside. Continue on and break the crystal at the end, which will cause a launch star to appear. Go through it.You'll land on the inside of a planet. It's icy, and that means that the water is frigid, so don't swim in it. When the water lowers, head down and grab the Life Shroom in the hole, though quickly run back so you don't freeze to death. Now head over to the end where there are some ledges and an arrow in the back pointing downwards. You'll see one of those green wheels, so spin on top of it to rise it up. This will make the gate with the arrow on it go down.

Go through there now and you'll eventually end up on the other side of the planet, which is a lava area. This place is similar to the one above, as the lava will rise and lower. Wait until the lava is lowered and take the left path. When the lava is lowered all of the way, go on top of the green wheel and make it spin up. Once you do so the gate will lower and you'll be given access to the fire flower. Grab it and quickly head over to the ice portion of the stage again.

Once you get there, head to the back and set the torches on fire. Go through the new launch star and you'll land on an icy platform. You'll notice that there are both fire and ice sections here. The Ice Flower to the right will allow you to walk on the fire platforms, so go and get it. Now quickly head across here and once you get to the end, jump so the gravity will pull you to the next portion. Eventually you'll find another Ice Flower, so get it and continue on through the lava platforms until you find the star at the end.

Star 4 (Cosmic comet): Frosty Cosmic Mario Race
If you follow the directions below, then you should be able to do this one quickly. Right at the beginning, do the starting boost if you wish and start long jumping across the icy platforms. Skate to go faster, and head to the end and jump so that you'll be pulled to the platforms above. Continue to long jump across the platforms and you'll eventually get to the end.
Star 5 (Purple comet): Purple Coins on the Summit
Bah, this is pretty challenging... and long!Right at the beginning, you'll land on the icy slope and slide down it. Right then, go to the edge of the icy slope and get two hiding purple coins. Next, go and get the two other purple coins that are clearly visible. Jump on the wooden island to the right (5/100) and then the one on the next icy platform (6/100). Now go over to the round island ahead and get the four over here. Grab the ? coin above to cause an Ice Flower to appear. Go over to get it, and also collect the nine on the way there.

After getting the Ice Flower, and head over to the ledge to the North. Grab the two on these first few ledges, then head upwards by using the spouts. Hurry and continue right and jump up this next set of spouts while getting another purple coin, then head up all the way. Get a the coin next to the sling star here (23/100) then go through the sling star.

Now get the Fire Flower here and head over to the snowman and launch some fire balls at it (but also get the purple coin at the end of the ledge). Once it's melted, hurry over and get the next coin, then jump up these ledges making sure not to get pushed over (you may need to get the Fire Flower again). Get the coin at the top and destroy the snowman.

Once you land at the top, grab the coin and then the fire flower. Head down to where the next snowman is and destroy it. Get past these pushing creatures and grab the purple coin, head onto the other side of this mountain and use the pushing monster to get to the ledge above. At the top and get the next purple coin.

While up here, get another Fire Flower and head over the ledge to the left. Get the two purple coins on the way up (31/100) and destroy the snowman. Head up the sling star and grab the five purple coins on the way (36/100). Wall jump up the wall here, making sure the pushing blocks don't get in the way. Grab the three up here, but don't jump off yet. Situate yourself so you're looking straight, and the camera will probably look down. You'll see a narrow ledge jutting far out of the ground, and two purple coins. Now, long jump so that you'll land on the portion closest to you and get the two coins. Now head through the sling star and you'll land where you begun (41/100).

Go over and grab the Ice Flower again and head back to where the circular island is, head left up here and jump up to where the sling star is, getting the purple coin on the way. Now up here, grab the two coins on the snow. You'll see that two more on the slide, so make sure you aim while sliding down so that you'll get them (46/100). Now grab the Ice Flower again, and jump on the spout right there. Backflip to get the coin above. Now head over to where the ? Coin is. You'll see a purple coin on the spire in the back, so back flip up there (while Ice Mario) to get it. Now jump on the other one and back flip high up to get the next purple coin (49/100).

Now grab the Ice Flower again and head back to where the spires were. Wall jump up here to the top then touch the ? Coin up here. Go up the sling star and you'll get another coin on the way up (50/100). While up here, head to the left and grab the four purple coins over here. Now head right and grab four more. Head back and jump onto the wooden island here and grab the next purple coin. Head right some more on the icy platform and grab the five up here. Now head north some more and get two more. Go up just a bit more and wall jump off the wall here, then spin to get another coin. You'll see some more coins to the right, a total of six (with two of them being above the pushing blocks) (72/100).

Head back up and head to the left to get the Ice Flower. Head North and up the ledges, getting two up here. When the pushing block comes toward your way, cross it. Wait until it pushes the other way and get the three right here (77/100). Head up the Sling Star and grab the coins on the way up, and use the spouts to get up even farther (82/100). The rest of them will be up here, with some being up on top and behind the crystals. The star will be back where you started.

Star 6 (Secret Star): Conquering the Summit
Choose the first star. In this mission, you'll have to climb to the top of the mountain. Right at the beginning, you'll once again have to catch the penguin. After doing so, go through the launch star and, once you're down the slope, head right and grab the ? coin. An Ice Flower will appear, so go and get it, then head up the stair here and up the spouts. Once that's done, continue right and up the next set of spouts, making the last jump a third jump. Go through the launch star. Up here, break the crystals and grab the Fire Flower. Head over to where the ledge is and destroy the snowman on the other side by tossing fire balls at it. After this, quickly head over (you may need to get another Fire Flower) and head up the ledges to the right, making sure that the pushing blocks and ice bats don't cause a bother. Destroy the next snowman at the top and go through the sling star.

Grab the next fire flower up here and head down, dodging the boulders and avoid the Ice Swoopers. Destroy the snowman and keep on going right. Get past the pushing blocks and then, when on the other side, use the pushing block to get up the ledges. Grab the fire flower up here and jump to the other ledge. Get past the boulders and destroy the last snowman and head up the sling star. Continue upwards and wall jump up the final wall, making sure the pushing blocks are retracted. Grab the star at the top!

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