Flipswitch Galaxy
Star 1: Painting the Planet Yellow
Difficulty: 3/10

This is rather simple. You've seen these things before - all you must do is change all of the blue flip-switches yellow by walking over them, though it's a bit more challenging then the ones you've done before, seeing that it's based only around this. Start off by going down. Once you've gone all of the way down, head left and onto the last one. If the moving spike platform is in the way, wait until it passes by, then once it does change the flip-switch to yellow. Wait until the moving platform comes back, then jump on top of it or long jump upwards to the next flip-switches.

Touch the two up here then go onto the next set, but make sure you dodge the moving lasers that are placed on the side of the flip-switches. Keep on progressing up, though jump over the robot's circle lasers. Continue down and onto the right side of the planet here.

If the moving platform is in the way, then wait as always, then jump on the flip-switch. Go down then jump onto the last platform. All of the flip-switches will then turn green and the star will appear where the robot is. Head over to the robot, jump on top of it twice so that it'll launch you to the 7th star above.

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