Buoy Base Galaxy
Star 1: The Floating Fortress
This is a great level. The music is fun and the platforming is great too. Right away go under water. You'll see a large glass cage chained to the large structure. You see the Torpedo Teds (from Super Mario World)? Well, guide the torpedo to the large cage, which will cause it to break, thus rising part of the structure (the cage was pretty much acting as a weight).

Now, head back to the surface and go onto the yellow platforms bobbing up. Go the left route and wall jump here to the top. Dodge the bubble blowing robot here and wall jump yet again, though make sure the enemy inside the wall isn't pushing outwards. Now go up these ledge and dodge the enemies. Backflip on top of the first Thwomp, then back jump up to get the blue star chip above it. Next, jump back off it and continue left and dodge the water launching creatures and the Thwomps. Go left all the way then spin on top of the green wheel so that all of the water robots will shut down, and that a spring Topman will appear. Direct the Topman under the green circle then jump on it twice so that it'll launch you up there.

Spin the blue screw, which will then make the platforms jutting out of the fortress to start rotating. Right away get the blue chip up here, then continue right and get the next blue chip on the platform with the Goomba. Keep on going up and jump onto the platform that is in the air. Next go all the way to the top, jump on the robot and get the last blue star chip.

Use the pull stars to get to the next planetoid. Now go onto the top of the planet and get the screw out of the robot, which will cause the half of the planet to collapse. Swim under the water and get the star.

Star 2 (Green Star): The Secret of Buoy Base
This is one of the three green stars. Go under water and cause the Torpedo Ted to crash into the cage with the green pipe. Now go through the pipe, and you'll land on the top of the planet. If you fall off the ledge you'll go into the water below, and will then have to go through the pipe again.

Anyway, go left up here and you'll see a bunch of Bullet Bills launch out of a canon. Jump over these tan platforms here and continue left. Now guide the Bullet Bill into the cage, and make sure the missile doesn't hit the electrical spheres or the enemies. Get the star inside to end the level.

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